‘Why are you so concerned about our list…are you not confident?’: BJP Min hits back at Surjewala

‘Why are you so concerned about our list…are you not confident?’: BJP Min hits back at Surjewala


Karnataka Health Minister and Bharatiya Janata Party leader K Sudhakar on Thursday hit back at Congress MP Randeep Surjewala and asked whether the Congress party is not confident enough as it is concerned about the BJP’s list.

Karnataka Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr K Sudhakar. (ANI)
Karnataka Minister of Health and Family Welfare Dr K Sudhakar. (ANI)

His remarks came after Surjewala attacked BJP saying, “BJP has no faces to fight the elections. They are searching for candidates for the tickets, and we have evidence of that”.

Speaking to ANI, Sudhakar said, “I would like to ask Surjewala, why he is so much bothered about our list. Are they not confident about their own members? Why are they waiting for our candidates list to be announced? It is a part of our strategy, and we know when to announce the candidates”.

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“Candidates are not important for us because our party is built on a strong cadre base,” he added.

On being asked about questions raised by Congress on Kannada superstar Kichcha Sudeep campaigning for the party, Sudhakar said that this shows Congress party’s “shallowness”.

“It is not illegal if somebody from fields of cinema or literature wants to align with a party and wants to speak out for the party. It is their legitimate right. How can anybody question that? I know for a fact that many film personalities are with Congress as well,” he said.

The BJP leader added, “It is not the first time that a celebrity is going to campaign for any political party. Sudeep is a very popular, versatile and respected actor in Karnataka. He has found the work done by PM Modi credible, and that’s why he has aligned with our party’s ideas. So what is wrong with it?”


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He also said that the people of the state want to bring a double-engine government to propel the development prospects of the state.

“There is no tough fight between BJP and Congress. On the ground, the people are intelligent and politically aware. They know that in the past, two to three coalition governments have ruined the development of the state. So, the people of Karnataka are sure to bring Modi Ji back to power in 2024. They know that under a double-engine government, the growth trajectory of the state will be high. I am hopeful that BJP will form the government with an absolute majority,” he further said.

Karnataka will go to Assembly polls on May 10 and the votes will be counted on May 13.

In the 2018 Assembly elections, BJP won 104 seats and emerged as the single largest party, while the Congress and JD(S) bagged 78 and 37 seats, respectively.


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