What is a podcast and how it is growing day by day

Hi and welcome back to your blog in today’s article we are going to know what is a podcast and how it been growing day by day through n number of users and what is the mindset behind potash to grow if you are passionate to speak or to narrate then you shall I love to read this article please continue reading till the end so that you get a clear idea about what is Podcast how you can start a podcast and how you will grow.
If we say a podcast is an audio material where the audience love to consume them by listening to their influencer’s voice. In other platforms such as YouTube ab or any other platform, we can only find videos or text article for the audience but in the podcast, the audience can listen to your voice or whatever you are narrating to them which makes and value to their life they shall listen we can give such example like why people will listen to your podcast.
In the earlier days, we have seen our grandparents narrating few stories of few incidents that happened in the past and we shall sit at a place and we shall listen to their interesting narration which gives an intellectual growth of listening and that narration will keep us together.
The podcast is one of the platforms where any influencer or any normal person can narrate their life story or any other incidents happened by them through their voice by not showing their face if people don’t like to show that face they can try shooting only voice not their face this is what caste is getting more interested and it’s opening the barrier of video creation.
In the recent time we have found Google as a large company which got influenced by podcast and they have started their new platform called as Google podcast near you can upload your voice for your audience and if your audience is listening to your voice and they got some value through your podcast then they shall subscribe you and you can grow day by day if you have that ability to maintain your consistency in that platform. 
If you don’t know from which platform you need to start your podcast then you can read the article for here.
In today’s world, we can find most of the people are very busy in their life by doing a job or by studying or doing some other things people are having their time as a most precious thing and they don’t want to waste their time by watching or sitting on a place. So most of the people preferred to listen to what caste or music so that they can do other works parallel.
I recommend you start your podcast as soon as possible because if you want to grow in life then you need to take that first step. If you feel shy about coming in front of a camera and shooting a video then what caste is the best platform for you to describe yourself for the whole world.


In today’s article we have seen how potash is changing everyone’s life and why should you start your own podcast.
In this article, you can find the best platform to start your own podcast and grow your own personal brand through the internet.
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