Workers will take a sip of air at this Whitefield complex

Atmospheric water generator will help cut monthly drinking water bill of Rs 12,000

As summer approaches residents of this apartment complex in Whitefield are on a mission, to make their building water positive.

In order to be self-reliant with regard to their water needs, residents of Brigade Cosmopolis will be opting for Atmospheric Water Generation from next month.

This project will be started on a pilot basis from March 1, to provide water to around 80 of the apartment complex’s housekeeping staff. The water will be sourced from atmospheric water generators which will condense the moisture in the air and produce drinking water.

“Water from Air or Atmospheric Water Generation are two commonly used terms to refer to the method of generating water from water vapour in the air. As a concept it has been available since 1900. It started being accepted as a way to generate water for select industries requiring emergency water like in the armed forces, ships etc in the 1990s. Now serious attempts are being made to bring this mainstream and we are planning to install generators on a pilot basis for a period of six months,” said Somjit Amrit, a resident of Brigade Cosmopolis.


Somjit who holds the water portfolio in the apartment’s management committee said that the main objective behind opting for this method of water generation is to make the apartment with 650 flats and 2000 residents, water positive.


“Around 90 per cent of the water used by the apartment comes from Cauvery water connections and the remaining 10 per cent is piped from a plot adjoining our apartment. Our goal is to ensure that we are not dependent on this 10 per cent of piped water in the future,” he said.

The atmospheric water generators with a capacity of 150 litres per day can generate at least around 100 litres of water per day.

– Somjit Amrit, Brigade Cosmopolis resident

As part of the pilot which will go on till August 31, 80 housekeeping staff will be provided drinking water sourced from the generators.

“At present we are spending Rs 12,000 per month (approx) for procuring drinking water for the support staff in the complex. The atmospheric water generators with a capacity of 150 litres per day can generate at least around 100 litres of water per day. If we adopt this method we will be spending approximately Rs 5,000 per month in operating expenses,” he added. The firm which will be installing the atmospheric water generators at the apartment will not be charging any money during the six month pilot phase. However, after six months, the 150 litres per day capacity generator will be priced at Rs 2.95 lakh, with an annual maintenance fee of Rs 10,000.

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