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MANGALURU: A fresh chapter opened up in the fee imbroglio saga with parents of students in schools in Dakshina Kannada claiming managements of private schools are “harassing” them to pay “full” fees, now that schools have reopened for most classes.
Private schools are up in arms ever since the government, in a circular, directed them not to collect more than 70% tuition fee and barred them from collecting fees under any other head. If parents have paid fees in full, the remaining 30% must be adjusted towards the next academic year, the government ordered.
Private schools, including those affiliated to ICSE/CBSE boards in coastal districts, have refused to follow the government diktat. They say the government has no jurisdiction to levy such orders and, in any case, the matter is in court.
On the other hand, parents are demanding that the government ensure it implements the order. A parent of a child in the primary section in a CBSE school in Bejai complained that the management threatened to withhold results if they fail to pay full fees.
“The annual fee is Rs 35,000, including Rs 20,000 tuition fee,” the parent said. “In the first installment, I paid Rs 20,000 and now the management is demanding I pay the remaining by the end of the month.”
The parent said the school claims it has not received any circular on school fees from the government. Another parent of a student in a state board school said she was told to pay the full fee, or the school would not promote her child to the next class.
“I paid up the full fee fearing for the future of my child. The only consolation is that the school has not increased fees from last year,” the parent claimed.
On the excuse that schools have not received the government order, Malleswamy, deputy director of public instruction, said: “If they did not receive the circular, how then did they go to court against the rule and also hold a protest? The department cannot hand-deliver circulars to each school. It is available on the government website and must be followed by all.”
On being asked why parents are not coming forward to file written complaints against schools on the issue, he said, “We have been receiving oral complaints from many parents. Unless they give complaints in writing, our hands are tied. DDPI has given power to take necessary action against schools.”
However, parents say they are not willing to file a written complaint fearing ‘witchhunt’ by school authorities once the dust settles.
A parent said: “I paid up the full fee fearing for the future of my child. The only consolation is that the school has not increased fees from last year.”

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