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BENGALURU: The mystery behind the death of a businessman was cracked within two days of Rajagopalnagar police receiving an anonymous letter hinting that he could have been murdered.
Police said Mohammed Hanjala, 52, a resident of Hegganahalli and owner of a footwear manufacturing unit in Peenya industrial area, was murdered by three contract killers hired by his wife Sarvari Begum, 42, and son Shafi-Ur Rehman, 20. The duo had given supari to Aftab, 21, of Thanisandra, Mohammed Saif, 20, of Hegganahalli and Syed Avez Pasha, 23, of Peenya 2nd Stage. Police have seized three mobile phones and Rs 98,000 from them.
Begum and Rehman told police that domestic disputes, Hanjala’s habit of casting aspersions on his wife’s character and also his suspicious behaviour with his daughters prompted them to eliminate him. Begum got Rehman to contact the killers.
Police said Hanjala’s friends, relatives and neighbours were informed that he had died of cardiac arrest on February 10. All of them believed it and his final rites were conducted at Tigalarapalya cemetery the same day.
Upon receiving an anonymous letter on Saturday, a team headed by sub-inspector Basalingappa rushed to Hegganahalli.
Probe revealed that Begum and Rehman had hired three persons to kill Hanjala and paid them Rs 4.5 lakh. The gang planned to kill Hanjala without resorting to violence. He was served dinner mixed with six sleeping pills on the night of February 9. The gang smothered him to death with a pillow at 3.30am on February 10.
Three suspects were arrested on Sunday and two on Monday. All the five have confessed to their crime and have been charged with criminal conspiracy, murder and destroying evidence.
Police said they would exhume Hanjala’s body soon for further investigation.
Aftab has an attempt-to-murder case registered with Rajagopalanagar police and mobile theft cases reported in Tumakuru. Others are first-time offenders.

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