Watch: Lalbagh gets 124 more rainwater harvesting pits

If the number of rainwater harvesting pits is anything to go by, it seems there will be no pressure on water sources, especially borewells at Lalbagh in the future. The Department of Horticulture, in association with Bosh and United Way, has dug up 124 rainwater harvesting pits at Lalbagh.

“It will help increase the ground water table not only in Lalbagh but also in surrounding areas,’’ said Jagadeesh, Joint Commissioner, Department of Horticulture.

There are 209 rainwater harvesting pits in Lalbagh. While the Department of Horticulture had dug up 85 rainwater harvesting pits, United Way and Bosch have sponsored 124 rainwater harvesting pits. Each pit is 18 ft deep and three ft wide.

“One hundred and twenty four pits can harvest 1,33,92,000 litres of water if there is rainfall for 30 days. Eighty five rain water harvesting pits by the Department of Horticulture can harvest 1,08,83,400 litre of water during the monsoon,’’ said Jagadeesh. According to him, there used to be water logging and wastage of water during the monsoon. “Rainwater used to flow from south to the north and finally reach the storm water drain. Now, there is no water logging or wastage of water due to the rainwater harvesting pits,’’ he said.


Ravi Chandra, president, State Walkers’ Association, appreciated the horticulture department officials. “Rainwater harvesting will help in the growth of trees and plants in Lalbagh. The moisture in the soil will be a great succor for trees and plants,’’ said Ravi Chandra.

Raju N, a visitor, said it would be great if the Horticulture Department officials adds 100 more rainwater harvesting pits in Lalbagh.

Vijay Nishanth, who is a tree doctor, appreciated the move. “It will really help with groundwater recharge all around the area and help Lalbagh keep green in every way. It is a well thought out idea and will support flora and fauna of Lalbagh,’’ he said.

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