Watch: Government school is good as new

Members of the IWCBITC renovate and repair school during lockdown period

During the lockdown, even as everything shut down, good work was going on at a dilapidated government school in the city. Now, the Government Primary School at Nagondanahalli is all new and ready to welcome kids — thanks to members of an NGO, the Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore IT Corridor (IWCBITC).

The school had a leaking roof and also lacked back basic amenities. Jayasheela, headmistress, Government Primary School, Nagondanahalli, said, “The school did not even have water facility. I had brought this to the notice of the School Development Committee several times. During the lockdown, members of IWCBITC came forward to renovate the building. This has been of immense help as we can now focus on the education, without worrying about these things.”

The labourers were also eager to find work. So it worked well for all

–Delna Sutaria, IWCBITC

The IWCBITC members, in association with Anand V Bhat of BNB Security & Automation Solutions, engaged workers to demolish the defunct sewage pit and construct a new one. They tiled the classrooms, installed play equipment, replaced windows, demolished the existing compound wall and built a new one that is higher. They also provided a safety grill on the first floor of the building and replaced the roof with galvan ised sheets


“Inner Wheel Club of Bangalore IT Corridor is in its 11th year and our reputation is built on hard work, sincerity and transparency. Our aim is to reach out to people in need. We try our best to follow up and execute a project,’’ said Sarala Menon, former president of IWCBITC.

The school had a leaking roof, broken walls and floors

Apart from repairs, the school building was painted to make it a more attractive and happy space. Manjiri Kanvinde, an artist, said, “I selected floral themes to make the walls look cheerful. It was a very fulfilling experience to see the joy on the faces of the kids. The school is now totally transformed.”

Shantha Divakaran, a member of IWCBITC, said they had identified the school in September and started work on the renovations. “I approached the headmistress to know whether the children need breakfast but she told me about the poor condition of the school building. I am grateful to Anand Bhat for sponsoring the renovation,’’ Divakaran said.

IWCBITC president Delna Sutaria, who thought this would be a slow year, said she was glad it turned out to be a roller-coaster ride. “We were able to completely renovate two government schools which would not have been at all possible had the schools been open. The workers/labourers/contractors were also eager to find work. So it worked well for all concerned,’’ Sutaria said.

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