Watch: Duo demands rum for free, assaults cashier

A cashier was beaten up by two men who asked for liquor and refused to pay the money. The duo was falling short of Rs 40, and when the cashier asked them for the remaining amount, they took the entire money back and demanded him to give the liquor bottles for free. In a fit of anger, the two attacked and thrashed the cashier.

Manju, 32, a resident of Kengeri and a cashier with a bar and restaurant on Mysore Road, filed a complaint with the Kengeri police on Monday against the accused, Jeevan.

Manju said the incident took place late on Sunday when two men came to the bar and picked up a fight with him. He said, “I was busy at the cash counter when the two came up to me, asked for a small bottle of rum and gave Rs 100. I told him that the small bottles were out of stock and only a quarter ml bottle was available. He asked me to give him that bottle and I asked him to pay Rs 40 more, which he refused. He said he did not have any more money and asked me to give it for Rs 100. He snatched the cash that he had given me and took away the bottle as well. When I took it back, he started threatening me and picked up the swipe machine to attack me on my face.”


He said that the two threatened to kill him. “They dragged me and kept beating me. We are not sure whether they were drunk when they came to purchase the liquor.

They even vandalised the place before the staff and other customers rushed in to stop them. We immediately alerted the police but the two fled from the spot. The whole incident was captured on the CCTV camera and we have handed the footage over to the police,” he said.

Kengeri police have registered a case and are investigating it further.

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