Watch: Bengaluru students turn Samaritans for pourakarmikas

From ration kits to sanitary napkins, these students are helping conservancy workers

A group of around 110 students have joined hands to help conservancy workers by supplying ration kits and other essentials to more than 350 pourakarmikas in Indiranagar, Jogupalya, Bhuvaneshwari Nagar, Malleshpalya, HAL ward and Jayamahal in the city.

“We began supplying rice, dal and wheat flour to the pourakarmikas in Indiranagar on June 8. Our objective is to support them during these difficult times. We want to help more and more pourakarmikas in the near future,’’ said Shiv Aditya, a member of Antar.

Antar is a group of students who want to help the needy people. These students raise funds through crowdfunding. “We use WhatsApp and Instagram to appeal to our friends and well-wishers to contribute money for supplying ration kits to the pourakarmikas,’’ said Gaurav Govindaraj, one of the student volunteers.

He said that many volunteers had helped guest workers but not many extended a helping hand to the pourakarmikas who played a key role in keeping the city clean. “We met them and discussed their problems. They are facing a lot of issues,’’ he said.


The students use their pocket money whenever there is a shortage for supplying ration kits to the pourakarmikas. “I am very happy to be part of Antar and I never hesitate to donate my pocket money for buying ration kits,’’ said Saima Humayun, a B Com student.

Saima Humayun said that she came to know while discussing with pourakarmikas, about the shortage of sanitary napkins. “We distributed sanitary napkins to around 60 women pourakarmikas in Jayamahal ward. A few male pourakarmikas have also taken sanitary napkins for their wives and daughters,’’ she said.

The students want to continue their work in future too. “We want to continue our work but it depends on availability of funds. We are hopeful of reaching the needy people in future too,’’ she said.

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