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To encourage inoculations, BBMP says beneficiaries registered on CoWIN app can come any day and get inoculated even if their names are not on that day’s list

In order to give the vaccination process a booster dose, the BBMP is now allowing ‘walk-in’ inoculation. This means that any eligible beneficiary could be administered injections even if his/her name doesn’t figure on that day’s list.

The vaccinator, however, has to take a final call on this and the only criterion is that the candidate should have been registered on the CoWIN app.

BBMP Commissioner N Manjunath Prasad said, “Following technical glitches and low vaccination, the Centre has allowed us to make changes in the portal. For example, if there are 100 beneficiaries to be vaccinated on the said date and 40 per cent fail to turn up, the vaccinator is now empowered to add available beneficiaries on the spot.”

He expressed displeasure over the current inoculation numbers. Out of the 1.82 lakh registered beneficiaries, only 33,000 could be vaccinated so far (till January 22 night). “We initially had thought to vaccinate all the registered frontline workers within three days and then revised it to seven days. However, the numbers are still not encouraging. If all of us work together, we can reach our target.”

To intensify the inoculation process, hospitals can contact the respective health officers for conducting vaccination sessions. Prasad also said that there have been reports of software glitches. Hence, he suggested that in case of a technical snag, the credentials can be checked manually and the vaccination process can continue and the details can be uploaded in the app later.

On a positive note, it looks like that many frontline workers are slowly coming out of the vaccine hesitancy.

During Saturday’s meeting, many hospitals petitioned the BBMP to allow people to register now. “Earlier, many were not ready for registration. However, now many are coming forward and want to take a shot. So, we request the BBMP to allow them for registration,” said a doctor. Reacting to this, Prasad said that the platform was still open and people can be registered within the next two days and they will get vaccination at later dates.


All private institutions with more than 100 workers should be uploaded as a session site. “Plan vaccination in such a way that activity at each health facility can be completed in two to three days.

For example, if there are 600 beneficiaries at a health facility, six vaccination teams can be deployed for one day or three vaccination teams for two days. Prior

intimation of dates should be intimated to all staff and entered in the CoWIN app,” Prasad told hospitals.

Meanwhile, many hospitals raised a question whether patients under cardiac care can get vaccinated. Officials said that as per the protocol received by the Centre, they can be allowed.

Airport staff to get vaccines

Following a demand made by Bangalore International Airport Managing Director and CEO Hari K Marar, the Health Department will now consider the employees of all the airports in the state as “frontline workers of Covid 19” and has now permitted them to receive the vaccine on a priority basis. A circular was issued to all the district health and family welfare officers to make the necessary arrangements to ensure that all the staff members at airports across the state are inoculated per the existing protocol. Reacting to this, a BIAL spokesperson said that BIAL, along with the government authorities and other stakeholders would work out the modalities to roll out the vaccination for employees.

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