Violators must pay for past sins

Chandra Layout police are releasing lockdown violators’ vehicles only after owners pay unpaid fines for previous traffic offences too

Police, who are seizing vehicles of those roaming out on the roads during lockdown timings these days, are having a windfall in terms of penalty. The Chandra Layout police have not only got the penalty of Rs 500 levied on the vehicle owner for violating the National Disaster Management Act (NDMA), but also recovered penalties due for each vehicle in way of traffic offences committed earlier. All in all penalties worth around Rs 6 lakh have been collected, and the drive is to continue till June 7, a senior police officer said.

“We have been instructed to deal strictly with lockdown violators if they are out roaming on vehicles without a convincing reason,” said Brijesh Mathew, police inspector of Chandra Layout. Deputy Commissioner of Police (West Division) Sanjeev Patil said, every lockdown violator’s vehicle is being seized and a penalty of Rs 500 is levied for the offence violating NDMA. “Along with this our men are also making sure that the vehicle owners pay up and clear the traffic violation dues when they get their vehicles released,” Patil added.

The Chandra Layout police’s Law and Order team had seized nearly 1,000 vehicles during the recent lockdown.


“As on today (Saturday – May 29), the Chandra Layout police teams have seized 997 vehicles and have not only penalised each offenders of Rs 500, but also recovered nearly Rs 6 lakh in the way of traffic offences that were recorded earlier on these vehicles by Field Traffic Violation Reports (FTVR) of traffic police,” said Mathew.

We make sure that once all the dues are cleared on the vehicle, we release them to the owners

–Brijesh Mathew, police inspector, Chandra Layout

A traffic police officer deployed at Chandra Layout law and order police station makes sure that the pending penalties are cleared by vehicle owners or else the seized vehicles are not released. Out of the 997 vehicles, mostly two-wheelers, the police team stumbled on pending penalties for around 570 vehicles checking the FTVR database and Rs 5.9 lakh was recovered from vehicle owners. “We make sure that once all the dues are cleared on the vehicle, we release them to the owners,” Mathew said.

“Chandra Layout police station is looked upon as a model station by other police stations in our division. This also helps us with deterring, as the public will think twice before venturing out during lockdown,” said DCP Patil.

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