Video: The dust refuses to settle down near Bescom office

Increasing number of trucks carrying construction materials
for Metro work have made it difficult for staff, visitors to breathe

Around 50 employees of E5 Sub Division of Bengaluru Electricity Supply Company (Bescom), residents and hundreds of Bescom consumers have been struggling to cope with dust menace for the last three months. With a number of trucks carrying construction and demolition materials for the ongoing Metro construction increasing by the day, the employees are most affected. If the dust gathered on the E5 Sub Division nameplate is any indication, one can imagine the plight of the employees.

“I have been suffering from dust allergy for three months. The dust makes it impossible to have lunch in my chamber ,’’ said Diana PA, cashier, Bescom.

This is the case, despite the windows kepshut all day.

Expressing disappointment over the failure of Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike’s (BBMP) health department, Ravi S, an employee, said that face masks, meant for the pandemic, have become more useful against the dust.

“If your vehicle is parked in the office premises, you will find a layer of dust on it by the evening that would require good cleaning. We are lucky to have a few trees along the compound wall that are preventing the spread of dust to some extent. But even the tress and leaves are covered with dust,” Ravi said.

Heavy trucks carry construction material and sand at night on this road. We have no issues during the monsoon but it’s winter now and many are struggling to cope with the dust

–Bescom official

Apparently, the sweeper, engaged for sweeping the premises, has expressed her inability to keep the premises clean due to the dust. “She cleans the premises between 9 am and 9.30 am, but in one hour, the layers of dust on can be seen,’’ said an employee.

A Bescom senior officer, pleading anonymity, said that staff members are not able to walk in the parking area due to the dust. “Heavy trucks carry construction material and sand at night on this road. We have no issues during the monsoon but it’s winter now, and many are struggling a lot to cope with the dust,’’ said the Bescom official. On an average100 residents visit the Bescom office per day to pay electricity bills.

They are also finding it tough to cope with dust whenever there is a long queue.

“I want the BBMP health department to keep the road (Hennur Road) clean. It will be a great relief for the Bescom employees as well as the electricity consumers if the dust is removed from the road,’’ said Shahid Hussain, a resident of Cooke Town.

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