Video: Sober, but smashed: Restaurant owner attacked with wooden logs

A restaurant owner who told a group of men not to drink and litter in public was assaulted with wooden logs

Telling someone to behave and not litter in public could be dangerous to one’s life as this sincere restaurant owner found out. Devendra was beaten up by a gang of five men in KR Puram after he told them not to drink and litter in public. The man managed to inform the cops and record the incident on his phone while the accused were attacking him with a dagger and wooden logs.

Devendra, 33, a resident of TC Palya and owner of Patiala Tandoor restaurant has filed a complaint with KR Puram police on Saturday. Devendra said the incident occurred on December 11 around 11 pm when he was feeding his two dogs and a couple of strays near his house.

They summoned me to their car and asked me who I was. I told them that I was the owner of the restaurant nearby. Then I went home, left the dogs at home and was walking towards the restaurant when they started abusing me. They asked me to come to their car again but this time I did not respond as they were drunk. When I tried to walk away, one of them pulled me by my hair and dragged me to the road while another man started punching me.”

One person tossed a beer bottle on the road. Since I was close by, I asked them not to drink and litter in public

— Devendra, restaurant owner

When Devendra tried to escape, he says they threw a bottle at him. One of the men went to a construction site nearby, picked up some wooden logs and started attacking him. “Thankfully I managed to escape after a couple of blows and ran to my restaurant,” he said.


Devendra said that after receiving a couple of blows, he managed to escape from them and started running to the restaurant. They gave chase but Devendra had started talking to the police by then, and simultaneously recording the men attacking him. “One of them tried to attack me with a dagger while another attacked me with a wooden log. There were three other men, standing near their car with daggers in their hand.


They were not wearing masks and their faces were clearly seen. So they didn’t want me to continue the recording. They had probably decided to kill me that day and attacked me on my head with a wooden log while I was recording. When they heard me give the location to the cops, they realised that the cops might be nearby and fled.”

The attack left Devendra with a bleeding ear and bruises and cuts all over his body, fingers and toes. He went to a hospital for emergency treatment and then filed a complaint with the police.

A senior officer said that they have registered a case and have identified the accused. “It is under investigation and we will trace them soon,” he said.

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