Video: 25-year-old man beaten, detained for 17 hours on suspicion of taking drugs

Beware the men in Khaki: A driver is picked up on suspicion of having taken drugs. Despite a -ve report, he is detained at the station where he has his leg fractured due to police high-handedness

On November 22, 25-year-old Ali Khan of DJ Halli, was all set to leave for Chitradurga to deliver furniture. But before that, he thought he would load his tempo and go home and have dinner with his parents. When he was loading the tempo at Dubai Layout in D J Halli police limits, a Cheetah bike with two policemen stopped near him. The two policemen alighted and dragged Khan, made him sit between them and took him to the DJ police station.

This was around 11 pm. “As soon as I reached the station, I called my parents and told them that the police had picked me up. Soon after, the police confiscated my phone,” says Khan.

By the time Ahmed Khan, Ali’s father, and his mother reached the station, it was 12 midnight. When they asked to see their son, they were refused. “We could hear his cries and we knew he was being beaten up,” said Ahmed Khan.

Khan says that the police had started asking him about his associates if he was consuming drugs, peddling them,and so forth. When he professed innocence.

Khan says the police started beating him up with a stick. They beat him on his legs and on his palms, seeking a confession. Khan says he was tortured for about two hours.

I told the police that I had nothing to do with the people in my area who use drugs but they did not listen to me. They continued to assault me. One of the constables allegedly suffers from hyper­tension and he beat me up ruthlessly

– Ali Khan

Around 2.30 a.m, Khan was taken to a private hospital in Coles park and administered a test to check if he had consumed drugs. The report was negative. When they brought him back to the police station, they beat him again and put him into a separate room, says Khan.

“ I told the police that I had nothing to do with the people in my area who use drugs but they did not listen to me. One of the police constables advised the two beat constables to allow me go home but they did not listen to him. They continued to assault me. One of the constables allegedly suffers from hypertension and he beat me ruthlessly.’’ said Khan.

Meanwhile Khan’s parents approached the police to release their son. “They pushed us out of the police station and the Head Police Constable Fayaz Khan was rude to us,” says Ahmed Khan, Ali’s father.


According to Ahmed Khan, the police released his son at 4.30 pm on November 23. “Though many of the police constables are familiar with me, that day some of them pushed me to the ground. My wife also fell down and got injured,’’ said Ahmed Khan. After he was released, Khan’s parents rushed him to Dr B R Ambedkar Medical College Hospital for treatment. Ali Khan was diagnosed with a medial malleolus fracture (ankle fracture). Even after 24 days, Khan is not able to walk properly and has to be assisted by his father to go to the bathroom.

When contacted, Head Police Constable Fayaz Khan said that he did not behave rudely with Ali Khan’s parents. “The beat constables brought Ali Khan to the station suspecting him of taking drugs. We took him to the hospital where he tested negative for drugs,’’ said the head police constable.

Meanwhile, N Keshava Murthy, Police Inspector, DJ Halli Police Station said that he could not recall the incident. “I have to enquire with the police constables. I will look into the matter,’’ said Keshava Murthy.

Says Ahmed Khan, who received a commendatory note for prevention of major communal problem in 1994 from the then Additional Director General of Police and Commissioner of Police Bangalore T Srinivasulu, “ I never expected my son to be treated like this by the police. That too at a police station, for which I, along with a few volunteers, identified the land on which it was built.”

K V Dhananjay, a Supreme Court advocate, says, “The police have no authority to detain and confine a person without a valid reason. They have no power to assault a person. They should have produced the victim before the magistrate. If the victim complains of police brutality, the honourable magistrate may order for filing a case against the police. So, the police had let Ali Khan go without producing him before the magistrate,’’ said Dhananjay.

In Pictures: Common folks who went viral in 2020 with a little help from the internet

2020: When commoners turned celebrities

2020 has been a tough year for the entire human race, with coronavirus hampering the daily lives of the common man. While the fear of the virus drove our celebrities inside their homes, several commoners, who only intended to hold their lives together in the pandemic, went viral on the internet. While some of these stories tugged at our heartstrings, others tickled our funny bones, and some even made us admire the fact that there is so much more to each and every person out there. They became overnight sensations, thanks to their sheer talent, some luck and the unimaginable power of the Internet.

As we bid adieu to 2020 and welcome 2021, here’s a look at all the people who went viral this year:

Kanta Prasad from Baba Ka Dhaba

Kanta Prasad, the owner of a street-side stall named Baba Ka Dhaba, went viral on the internet, after a video of his story was shared by a food blogger. In the video, Prasad, along with his wife, was seen breaking down as the lockdown stopped even whatever little the couple earned by serving home-cooked meals at the stall. The video was shared widely on social media and Delhi residents queued up outside the stall to help the couple, as well as to enjoy a freshly cooked home-made meal of steamed rice and matar paneer. Celebs including Swara Bhasker, Sonam Kapoor, Randeep Hooda and others also urged people to visit his stall, while Aparshakti Khurrana himself paid them a visit, while he was in the national capital.

Dombivali’s Joshi Kaka

Soon after Delhi’s Baba Ka Dhaba incident went viral, people in Mumbai pointed out that 87-year-old Joshi uncle in Dombivali also has a similar story. A Twitter user shared the uncle’s picture and said that he sells hand-made bags for a living. The bags cost around Rs 40 to Rs 80, and are stitched by him using discarded pieces of clothes bought from sofa and curtain makers. Rakul Preet Singh, Kanika Dhillon, Kabir Duhan Singh, among others asked people to buy at least one bag from the gentleman to help him go about his life.


A vegetable vendor from Bhendi Bazaar

A heartwrenching photo of Ashok Singh, a resident of Kurla and a father of two, taken by Mirror photographer Sachin Haralkar broke people’s heart. In it, Singh was seen breaking down on a divider at Kings Circle, exhausted with the unending problems as the rain wrecked havoc in his already tough life. Singh had opened his vegetable shop for the first time in four months after being driven to penury during the lockdown, but rain and cyclonic winds wreaked havoc, forcing him to shut it once again and walk back home from Bhendi Bazaar to Kurla.

Asma Sheikh

2020 proved that nothing can stop people from achieving what they want to if they are determined enough. A 17-year-old girl named Asma Sheikh, who studied for her SSC exams under arduous circumstances, scored 40 per cent and was admitted to Mumbai’s prestigious KC College, after her story became the talk of the town. Asma lived on the pavement outside Azad Maidan with her family and helped her father sell lemon juice. However, she never let her homelessness come in the way of determination, and studied under the streetlights to complete her class 10 education. Several political leaders had come forward and extended their help to Asma after her story went viral, and she is now happily pursuing her studies while staying at the Savitribai Phule girls’ hostel.

The woman who stood near a manhole for 7 hours

As heavy rains lashed Mumbai, Kanta Maruti Kalan was forced to open a manhole on Tulsi Pipe Road in Matunga as the water level rose around her, flooding the area. But instead of walking away from the spot, she chose to stay back and stood there for seven hours, warning motorists about the open drain so they could avoid it. But the act of selflessness came at a heavy price. Kanta was a flower vendor who stayed on the footpath outside Matunga station for decades in a makeshift tent along with her daughters. When she got back to the footpath, everything she owned had been washed away, including the Rs 10,000 she scraped together to help her daughters attend online classes. Her presence of mind was lauded by politicians, locals and the policemen, and people even chipped in for the 50-year-old as a token of gratitude.

Warrior Aaji

An 85-year-old Pune woman shot to fame with her impeccable martial arts skills in July and even earned the nickname ‘Warrior Aaji’ by her Twitter users. A video went viral in which she was seen weilding two sticks and performing stunts like a professional in the middle of a road, only to earn for her family members. Locals, who often saw the woman perform in the same spot, commented that her son has been out of work due to the lockdown and that the elderly was the only breadwinner for their family now. Her lathi-kathi routine won over the internet and the attention it brought also came with helping hands stepping up to aid the aaji and her family.

The enthu-cutlet at Janta Curfew

As India observed a one-of-its-kind ‘Janta Curfew’ on March 22 to show solidarity with the healthcare workers, a 36-year-old woman beating a plate with a spoon while chanting ‘Go Corona Go’ was voted as the ‘Most enthusiastic person of 2020’ by the internet. Her video was shot by her mother-in-law and was shared on one of her family groups, but it soon went viral and was shared by hundreds of people across social media platforms.

Indians know their ‘jugaad’

Due to the pandemic, teachers have been taking online classes as schools and colleges remain shut across the country. A video posted on social media by a Pune chemistry teacher won hearts of netizens with her DIY tripod. Moumita B shared a video of herself taking an online class from her home and wrote, “As I didn’t have any tripod so I made an Indian Jugaad for taking online classes from my home.” What caught people’s eye was the fact that she used a clothes hanger and tied her phone to it. She used a long piece of cloth to fix the hanger upside down with a chair to create a makeshift tripod.

Justice for Kaku

A video of a househelp arguing with two guys in Marathi went viral during the lockdown. The househelp complained about her employers not paying her Rs 1800, but the employers claimed, they paid her in full. The woman then said she received Rs 1500 plus Rs 300, but she was unable to understand that the total was indeed Rs 1800. Her employers explained that they gave her three notes of Rs 500, one of Rs 200 and one note of Rs 100 and the total is Rs 1800. Unable to understand the calculation, she continued to argue further and claimed that she hasn’t been paid Rs 1800. Soon after, #JusticeforKaku trended with netizens taking the video on a lighter note. A section of the internet even highlighted the fact that it is important that the underprivileged in the country at least have the basic education to go about their daily tasks, hassle-free.

The angriest kid on the block

A video of a child getting extremely upset and agitated over getting a haircut recently went viral, and people couldn’t help but laugh out loud at the kid’s dilemma. Richa Chadha, Divya Dutta and several other celebrities gushed over the boy’s cuteness and the way he kept scolding the barber. Not to lie, but we all related when the teary-eyed kid asked his barber — “Arey baapre kya kar rahi ho tum?”


Lastly, Binod. No one knows who or what Binod was but it took the internet by storm with ‘Binod’ being the answer to every question. It only proved one thing though: everything that goes viral on the World Wide Web does not make sense.

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