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14 per cent vials have been partially wasted and 0.6 per cent completely wasted in first 4 days of vax drive

The long-awaited covid vaccine, which is a game changer, should ideally be held as dear as life itself. However, in the first four days of the vaccinating process in the city, 0.6 per cent vials have been “completely wasted” while 14 per cent have been “partially wasted” in the city.

In the first four days (starting from Jan 16), 1,986 vials were used to vaccinate beneficiaries. Out of them, 12 were fully wasted while 280 were partially wasted. One Covishield vial with 5 ml of the vaccine, can be used to vaccinate 10 people with 0.5 ml of the vaccine each. Each Covaxin vial holds 10 ml of the vaccine and can be used to vaccinate 20 beneficiaries with 0.5 ml of the dose.

Health officials say the chances of wastage are more in Covaxin than Covishield, because it is a bigger vial. Once opened, the vials must be used within four hours. Which means that if 20 or 10 beneficiaries respectively are not present to take it within four hours of opening a vial, the remaining contents will have to be thrown away.

Bharat Biotech is now planning to supply smaller 10-dose vials in later stages to minimise the wastage.

BBMP commissioner N Manjunath Prasad said, “The usage of every vial needs to be accounted for and documented. We should ensure that we don’t waste any vial.

A health official explained partial wastage which could happen for multiple reasons. “Though 0.5 ml needs to be drawn from a vial for one beneficiary, sometimes, extra could be drawn. This means the last person who is slated to get vaccinated, won’t have enough and the vial will go waste. This is one reasons for partial wastage. Sometimes a vial may fall and break or it may get expired or it may have some sediments in it. Then this will be recorded as total wastage.”



Another reason for wastage is the low turnout at vaccination sites. “We have been asking vaccinators to take a call on allowing walk-in entries so that we can use the vaccine doses judiciously. However, the only concern is that the walk-in will be allowed only for those beneficiaries whose names have already been registered in CoWIN app,” said the health official.

2 lakh vaccines administered

By 2 pm on Monday, Karnataka achieved the distinction of becoming the first state in the country to vaccinate 2 lakh plus frontline workers. Health Minister Dr K Sudhakar said that the State has received 7,94,500 doses of Covishield and 20,000 doses of Covaxin earlier. Now, an additional 1,46,240 doses of Covaxin have arrived and a total of 1,87,211 people have been administered the vaccine he said. “No side effects reported anywhere, vaccine is completely safe, more and more people should come forward to take the vaccine. The Chief Minister himself along with other cabinet ministers will be getting vaccinated in the second phase to boost the morale of the public. We have also requested hon’ble Prime Minister to allow us to vaccinate about 500 popular personalities, said the Minister.

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