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BENGALURU: With hospitals facing an acute shortage of medical grade oxygen, the state government has asked hospitals to be judicious in using the lifesaver, citing a clinical expert committee’s finding that its use has been excessive, non-judicious and lacking proper monitoring.
While mandating an ‘oxygen therapy protocol’ drawn up by the committee for all hospitals, in its order the government said only Covid-19 patients with oxygen saturation below 94% must be provided oxygen support and others who don’t meet this criterion should be treated without oxygen therapy.
Last week, several hospitals in the state had complained of a lack of oxygen supply and the problem was so acute that Kempegowda Institute of Medical Sciences (KIMS) had to shift its patients due to non-supply of the gas. Also, it was also found that 13 of the 19 district hospitals run by the health and family welfare department have no in-house liquid oxygen tanks on their premises.
“Excessive use [of oxygen], besides having deleterious health effects, is resulting in wastage of the precious resource leading to a shortage of the commodity and waste of money,” the government quoted the committee as saying.
Patients with below 94% oxygen saturation will have to be given oxygen support of 2-5 litres per minute through nasal prong or five litres per minute if the face mask is used.
Recently, district hospitals invited tenders to set up oxygen tanks, but had received lukewarm response. In Tumakuru and Davanagere, two bidders participated in the tender. In 11 districts, there wasn’t a single bidder.

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