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UDUPI: Tanushree Pithrody, 12 from Udyavar, a class seven student of St Cecily’s School set a new record for the most backward body skips in a minute. The 55 backward body skips that she achieved at the school auditorium on Saturday gave her a place in the Golden Book of World Records. This incidentally is her sixth such record – five of them in the Golden Book of World Records and one of them in the prized Guinness Book.
Vaishnav Manish, adjudicator, Golden Book of World Records presented the provisional certificate to Tanushree in the presence of her parents Uday Kumar and Sandhya. An elated Tanushree said she had started practicing for this record during the lockdown. “Initially I could achieve 20 such backward skips. With practice, I was able to increase the number and had touched up to 50 backward skips at home. The 55 that I achieved today is satisfying,” she said.
Thanking the support of her parents and her yoga guru who encouraged her to go for this record, Tanushree said the school too has encouraged her talent. Uday Kumar said he is happy at the perseverance that Tanushree has shown during the lockdown to get the technique right. It is her constant effort that has helped her increase the number and set a new record in a category that hitherto did not exist in the Golden Book of World Records.
The records that Tanushree has to her name include record for fastest 100 metres ‘Chakrasana race by a female; most forward rolls with Dhanurasana yoga pose in 1 minute; fastest 100 forward rolls with Dhanurasana yoga pose and most full-body revolutions maintaining a chest stand position. The last of these aforementioned records is in the Guinness Book. The dance lesson that she took aged three has helped her keep nimble, Uday Kumar said.

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