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BENGALURU: Four patients who needed kidney transplants after almost two years on dialysis have found hope in two kidney-swap transplants in a single week in the same hospital in Bengaluru.
All four families had willing donors and all the donors were women. Of the two swaps, one was between a Hindu and a Muslim family.
Syeda Ayesha, a resident of Bengaluru, wanted to donate her kidney to her husband Syed Irfan Ullah but could not because her kidney was incompatible.
But help did arrive.
Another patient, Mahendra (name changed) from Tumakuru, too, needed a transplant. His wife wanted to donate her kidney but faced the same problem as Ayesha.
Fortunately, doctors at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital here realised that if the women swapped donors, the two transplants could be done.
Ayesha said she never had a problem accepting Mahendra’s wife’s kidney for her husband. “Humanity comes above all. Religion comes only after humanity. We faced no issues in taking the decision,” she said. Irfan Ullah was on dialysis for a year and a half. For the teacher of Arabic, a transplant was his only option.
On the other side, Mahendra, too, was on dialysis for two years. Given the severe demand-and-supply mismatch in kidney donations, the swap was a lifeline for Mahendra and Irfan Ullah.
Ayesha’s kidney was harvested on September 7 for the transplant.
At the same hospital, there was another such swap.
Siddaraj Patil, a 29-year-old farmer from Yadgir, who was suffering from a chronic kidney disorder from 2019, got a lease of life because of another swap-transplant. Patil’s mother Kamala Devi was the donor but her organ was incompatible with her son. Her kidney, however, matched with the requirements of patient Satyanarayana, 39, from Andhra Pradesh. Satyanarayana’s sister Lakshmakka’s kidney matched Patil’s. The swap-transplant was done on September 14, again at BGS Gleneagles Global Hospital.
All the surgeries were led by Dr Anil Kumar BT, senior consultant, nephrologist and transplant physician, along with a urology team led by Dr Narendra S, who is a senior consultant and the chief transplant surgeon.
Dr Kumar said a kidney transplant is the best form of renal replacement therapy for patients with end-stage kidney disease but there is a huge demand-and-supply gap. “The waitlist for kidney transplantation is increasing every passing year,” he said. The doctor said that paired kidney exchanges (PKE) or swap transplantation was an innovative process where recipients get better compatible kidneys from willing donors of other patients’ families.

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