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BENGALURU: A girl student and her friend were abused and attacked with stones and slippers by three members of a family in Vinayaka Layout in Nagarbhavi on Friday night. The bone of contention: Feeding stray dogs.
The incident, which has been captured on camera, has evoked mixed reactions on social media. Many condemned the attack on the animal lovers, while a few nudged the civic authorities to contain the stray dog population in the city. The issue has now reached Annapoorneshwarinagar police station with the girl, a law student, lodging a complaint.
Trouble fomented at 10pm on 30th Cross Road in Vinayaka Layout when Priya C and Satyajit, who stay in the area, came down with food to feed the strays. As they went about their routine, they were intercepted by a man, his wife and son, who took objection to giving food to dogs. The trio alleged that the number of strays had increased on the street and blamed the girl for feeding them. Priya’s neighbours intervened and tried to pacify the trio, but in vain.
“We did not provoke them and continued to feed the dogs, but they started hurling expletives,” said Priya. She has been living in the area for the past three years. “We have vaccinated and sterilised these dogs and take care of them well; we feed them every day,” she said.
One of them asked her to feed dogs in her house, not on the street. “We are paying taxes and this is not your street,” he said, and threatened to break her head. In the video, the woman is seen charging towards the girl and the youngster taking out his slipper and throwing at her. When the situation went out of control, the girl requested her friend and neighbours to call police.
“They threw stones and slippers at me and used filthy language. This is unacceptable. We are told that they were not from our lane, but had come there yesterday,” Priya said. Along with the complaint, she has submitted the visuals pertaining to the incident to police.

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