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BENGALURU: Heavy rain caused waterlogging on the kerbside and several places of Kempegowda International Airport (KIA) late Monday evening, forcing many passengers to hop on to tractors to reach the airport and delaying at least 20 departing flights due to the bad weather.
Cab operators suspended their services around midnight as the road leading to the country’s third busiest and fastest-growing airport was flooded. A 178.2mm rainfall in 24 hours left several passengers frazzled, having not been able to clear the last mile to the airport.
In a video that has gone viral, passengers can be seen climbing onto tractors, hauling their luggage along as a person is heard hollering the destination name (read: airport). Many passengers, including senior citizens, carrying heavy luggage waded through the knee-deep water.
Bangalore International Airport Ltd (BIAL), which operates KIA, described it as an ‘unprecedented rain’, which resulted in flooding. Its officials said heavy rain didn’t affect the airside and landing.
Passengers, especially those who came from Begur side, were forced to rely on tractors to ensure they did not miss flights. Waterlogging was also reported at CISF Junction on the South Access Road.
Many passengers vented their anger on social media and blamed the poor drainage system at the airport.
Twenty flights at KIA delayed

A BIAL official said: “It has nothing to do with poor drainage. The rain was 27.5mm in 15 minutes and 110mm in an hour. That’s a once-in-a-decade kind of intensity. If drainage was designed badly, this would have happened several times in the past 13 years..”
BIAL said 20 departing flights between 5.30pm and 11.59pm on Monday were delayed due to the weather conditions and low visibility. “Flights have resumed normal operations since then. Though the drainage system in the kerb area is working well, the sudden high-intensity rain caused waterlogging for a short duration,” it said.

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