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BENGALURU: Three districts in Karnataka have achieved 99% Covid-19 recovery rate as against the state’s average of 98.1%. Yadgir district in north Karnataka tops the list with 99.3% recovery rate, followed by Mandya with 99.1% and Bagalkot 99%.
The data is dynamic and varies daily based on the number of new cases, discharges, deaths and active cases. In Bengaluru, the recovery rate has been 97.9%, with 3,926 active cases. In Bagalkot, there has been only one case reported in the past 7 days, and there are only 5 active cases as on February 12.
‘All districts inching towards 99% recovery’
In Mandya there are 34 active Covid cases; in Yadgir, it’s 9. Overall decline in the Covid cases is a major factor, observe experts.
According to Dr MK Sudarshan, chairperson, Covid Technical Advisory Committee, the mortality rate has gradually reduced across the state, which is one of the major factors contributing to the recovery rate. “People are forthcoming about testing and are aware of the consequences. Because of the increased testing, there has been early diagnosis. Hence, there are not many cases of delayed presentation. As the number of Covid cases have reduced, the quality of care, attention to patients in hospitals has improved,” said Dr Sudarshan. He said the understanding of the disease has gradually improved a lot and availability of required medicines like Remdesivir is not an issue.
The current Covid management in the state is much different from what was done in early last year, said Dr Anoop Amarnath, geriatrician, member of Critical Care Support Team (CCST) for Covid management in the state gover nment.
“In April 2020, we started focusing on data points, logistics of the treatment. By June, the screening and treatment standardisation got established in a phased manner. Now, there is a lot more awareness on when to intervene and the golden-hour treatment,” said Dr Anoop.
He added that the standardisation of treatment protocol, screening has helped in treating all respiratory diseases through the guidance provided via tele erounds held with all districts. “Earlier, they were making individual decisions to know the criteria for ICU admission, based on the set protocol. This helps in the long run in overall treatment care,” said Dr Anoop.
Dr KV Trilok Chandra, head of Critical Care Support Unit for Covid-19 patients in the state, said the overall Covid fatality rate is less than 1% in the state and most districts have no Covid patients in ICU.
“All districts are inching towards 99% recovery. From July to October, there was an increase in the caseload and patients were coming in very late. Now, the increased testing clinical management and ICU capacity in all the districts have improved. That’s why we have 99% recovery rate in some districts,” explained Dr Trilok Chandra.

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