There’s the RUB: Work in slow progress

By Upama Upadhyaya

Mysore Road’s railway under-bridge is half-constructed; dug-up craters and lack of safety measures are making the area a commuter’s nightmare

The railway under-bridge (RUB) near RV Engineering College, Mysore Road has been in an unusable condition for the past two years. The RUB is being built underneath the Mysuru-Bengaluru railway track and is an important connecting road to Jnanabharathi Layout. However, due to the slow pace of the work, the RUB is more of a bane than a boon for residents now.

A resident of the locality said: “The work started more than two years back. The whole area has been dug up but the work is moving at a slow pace and whatever they have dug up now looks like two lakes because the rain water has filled up the two sides. There is no basic safety or security measure that the authorities have taken up.

There are hundreds of students that walk past that place and the walking passage is so small and narrow that only one person at a time carefully can walk past the path.

If it rains heavily, even that will be washed away and fall off; that’s the only path connecting one side of the road to another. At night this place is even more dangerous; people cannot walk properly, passers-by fear for their safety and we have had incidents with thieves too. There are no street lights in the area. There is a garment factory nearby where women work, and at night, their safety is often at stake. This whole process has been delayed for so long that it is causing hardships for pedestrians, residents and anyone in the area.”


The dug-up stretch becomes impossible to cross during the rains; the lack of streetlights and safety measures make it unsafe for walking

Another resident added that the intention of the RuB was to ease the life of Jnanabharathi Layout, Forest Layout citizens and many people who used to board buses /taxis/autos for their daily earnings and academic purposes. “It is a joint venture between railway and Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP). All was well until the railway put moulded blocks under the tracks and finished their work last year. Constructing roads from this RuB and connecting existing roads was BBMP’s task which they started without proper planning. They dug up 20 feet on the steep incline side. It caused landslides and problems for nearby residents. BBMP put a temporary halt till the rainy season ended and planned to start in January 2021. The situation is bad for those who use this stretch to reach the metro station, bus stand in front of RV College of Engineering. There are no street lights; there is no safe path for people here who are struggling.”

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