The wine never arrived, but a Rs 1.6-lakh kick did

Woman’s online search for home delivery of wine ends up connecting her to conmen who ask her to scan a QR code for advance payment

A 25-year-old woman who ordered wine online was left with a bad taste in her mouth after losing nearly Rs 1.6 lakh to a QR code scam recently in Whitefield. Aanchal Khandelwal, a resident of Whitefield, had looked up on Google for wines that were available for sale and home delivery.

She stumbled on the phone number of one Ranveer Singh who convinced her that he had the wine she had asked for and told her over the phone that as soon as she transferred the advance payment online, she would get the wine bottle delivered at her flat.

Singh then sent Khandelwal a QR code to pay up the advance amount for the wine through a digital wallet. As soon as she scanned the code, the payment was made, but Singh maintained that he had not received the payment, and she had to repeat the QR code transactions four times. So all in all Khandelwal ended up losing Rs 1,59,595 in a total of five transactions.

If the victim had dialled 100 soon after the crime, the bank account of the accused could have been frozen

–A police officer

It was very late by the time Khandelwal realised that she was being conned online. The transactions happened between 10 am and 11 pm on March 24 and while Singh was scamming her, another suspect identified as Rahul who claimed to be from the wine sale business and a colleague of Singh, pitched in with an offer to help her. But he too made away with a fraudulent transaction, the police said. The duo promised her that the wine would be delivered at her place, but as the wine did not come even after a week, she approached the Whitefield CEN police station and filed a complaint, based on which an FIR has been registered against Ranveer Singh and Rahul for cheating and impersonation. “If the victim had dialled 100 soon after the crime, and reported the matter, the bank account of the accused could have been frozen, but as she waited for the wine bottle to be delivered and the refund of the cash taken from her, now even if the bank account is frozen, there is very little chance that the account would have the cash that was taken from Khandelwal’s bank account,” said a senior police officer.

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