The Towns Mirror Special: There’s a lake in Cooke Town. Have you seen it yet?

The deep foundation pit made to construct a building has filled up with rain water and is swarming with mosquitoes. It’s a health hazard, say residents of McPherson Road

There’s a lake in Cooke Town. Have you seen it yet? An abandoned construction site on McPherson Road, which has been troubling neighbours ever since construction activity began in 2019, is filled up with rain water. The stagnant water has become a breeding ground for mosquitoes and neighbours are complaining about the sight and smell of this stagnant water.

Said Avner Barak, a resident, “The contractor of the building used to pump water from the pit a few weeks ago. Now, he has stopped doing it.”

The stagnant water is a new development but since the site started getting developed, residents had complained as far back as August 2019, that drilling and stone cutting had resulted in cracks forming in adjacent buildings. Besides this, the noise levels of the drilling activity was deafening. The Karnataka State Pollution Control Board’s environmental officer had inspected the site and written a letter to the BBMP’s Joint Commissioner (East) that the noise levels were higher than the stipulated daytime levels of noise allowed.


The Sarvagnanagar MLA, KJ George, had written to the BBMP to initiate action against the site owner for flouting norms with regard to drilling and stone cutting. In 2019, the Department of Mines and Geology has issued a notice to Sharif, the site owner, asking him to submit documents pertaining to stone cutting and drilling.


“We are fed up with the BBMP’s apathetic attitude. Nothing has been done despite shocking incidents of building collapse – on Hutchins Road, Thomas Town in Pulikeshi Nagar, where five were people killed in July 2019 and the collapse of one high-rise building near Kapali theatre in Gandhi Nagar in July 2020,’’ said K J Ashok, a resident of McPherson Road.

“The BBMP authorities will be responsible if any resident falls ill due to dengue caused by the mosquitoes,’’ said Barak. While the BBMP Joint Commissioner Pallavi K R was not available for comment, BBMP Assistant Executive Engineer, Srikanth, has assured that he will advise the property owner to pump out the water from the foundation pit.

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