Tenant hits landlady; grandmom, brother burn body in Bidadi

Inability to pay rent due to covid-19 fallout leads to a gruesome murder in VV Puram

On February 4, a 61-year-old retired deputy tahsildar Rajeshwari told her medical practitioner son Deepak MR with whom she lived in Koramangala that she was going to Parvathipura to collect rent from her tenant. Deepak had no idea then that he would be bidding his mother the last farewell.

He called his mother many times that day, but her phone was switched off. He called her friends and relatives but nobody had seen her. He knew his mother intended to collect rent from one Aleem Pasha, who hadn’t paid for months, so he decided to pay Pasha a visit. It was around 11 pm when he reached Pasha’s house. Pasha told Deepak his mother had taken the rent and left in the afternoon.

Next morning, Deepak returned to Paravathipura as in the past Pasha and his mother had gotten into arguments over unpaid rent. Deepak and his wife Mamatha told Pasha they would like to come in and look. But Pasha said that was not possible as one of the rooms was locked as it had been fumigated. Deepak inquired with the other tenants if they had seen his mother that day. One of the tenants told Deepak he had seen Pasha and his family members taking a bundle covered in tarpaulin in their auto-rickshaw that day and Pasha had followed the auto on his bike. This information rattled Deepak, who rushed to the VV Puram police and filed a missing complaint. He explained his suspicions to inspector Mirza Ali Raza.

Within 24 hours, police figured out what had happened. Three of the culprits, 65-year-old Ashrafunnisa, the grandmother of Pasha (26) and his brother Jilaan (20) were arrested. The police found that Pasha had killed Rajeswhari and they had bundled the body in an auto-rickshaw, taken it to Kumbalgodu, put it into an open storm water drain near the busy Mysore Road and set it on fire.

the accused (Lto R) Jilaan, Aleem Pasha and Ashrafunnisa

Troublesome tenant

Rajeshwari had eight houses at MV Lane near Basappa Circle that she had given on rent. Pasha and his family, who were into the catering business, had stopped paying rent since March last year and whenever Rajeshwari asked for it, he would say his business was yet to pick up. “Rajeshwari had waived off three months’ rent and was asking the rent for the rest of the months which came up to Rs 35,000,” Deepak said in his complaint to the police.

Of all the tenants, only Pasha had defaulted on the rent.


Cracking the case

Inspector Raza analysed Rajeshwari’s call records and found out her phone had got switched off at MV Lane in Parvathipura. His team checked footage from the CCTV cameras and questioned the tenants. When they were told about the bundle being carried into an auto, they detained Pasha, Jilaan and Ashrafunnissa who confessed to the crime.

Gruesome murder

Rajeshwari had reached Pasha’s house around 10.30 am. She was stern about the rent and asked Aleem to vacate if he could not pay. Pasha went in and returned with a seekh rod with which he hit her on the neck and head. It was around 12.30 pm and Rajeshwari lost consciousness. Her body started turning cold and Pasha told his family he would surrender. His uncle Ibrahim who stays on the first floor rushed to Pasha’s house with Ashrafunnissa. Both the uncle and the granny asked Pasha not to surrender and said they would find a way to dispose of the body. They took the body into another room and folded it, wrapped it with polythene and bedsheets. They then covered the bundle with a tarpaulin, put it in the passenger auto belonging to Jilaan. Jilaan and Ibrahim went in the auto and Pasha followed on the bike.

Around 2 pm, they reached near the Marigold International School in Kumbalgodu where Pasha found a storm water drain. He had bought two litres of petrol in a bottle on the way. They dumped the bundle into the drain and lit it. The trio returned in the evening, cleaned the blood stains and took a bath and it was then around 11 pm when Deepak came looking for his mother, the police said. “We picked up Aleem Pasha, Jilaan and Ashrafunnisa who confessed to the crime. We are yet to arrest Ibrahim. They been booked for murder and causing disappearance of evidence,” said Raza.

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