St Joseph’s boy wins over Aussie girlfriend at second ODI

A mid-match proposal by Dipen Mandaliya got a ‘yes’ from Rose Wimbush

The Indian cricket team lost the second ODI against Australia but there was still an Indian winner at the Sydney Cricket Ground yesterday. Dipen Mandaliya, a management graduate from Bengaluru, went down on his knees and proposed to his Australian girlfriend Rose Wimbush in full view of the 25000 people. She said ‘yes’.

The moment in the stands, during the Indian chase, was captured by cameras and even had the attention of the commentators. So hooked were the experts that one of them, Adam Gilchrist, was heard urging the girl to accept the proposal saying “say yes, say yes, say yes…” A seemingly stunned Rose waited for a few seconds before accepting the ring.

“(I was) surprised. I had no idea…was overwhelmed completely,” a gushing Rose told Australia-based Indian Link newspaper/radio station later. Dipen and Rose have been seeing each other for about a year-and-a-half but she had no idea that he would make such a public spectacle of what could easily have been a private moment.

Dipen, admittedly, had been contemplating this idea for some time but the covid-19 situation did not help things. “We have been thinking about it for about a year-and-half. I have been waiting for the right occasion. And I thought this was the right time,” Dipen told the interviewer. “She was a bit nervous but I could not think of a better occasion.” Dipen is a project and reporting analyst at Jetstar Australia. Both live in Melbourne.


According to his social media profile, Dipen studied at Venkat International Public School and St. Joseph’s Pre-University College and completed his management degree in St. Joseph’s College of Commerce in Bengaluru before doing a course in aviation and maritime transportation management at the University of Sydney.

His mid-match proposal has, understandably, gone viral and he has been flooded with calls and messages from back home since. “I have been getting calls, I have not had a chance to speak to them,” said Dipen while an overwhelmed Rose admitted she did not have time to look at her phone.

Both, however, agreed to go different ways when it comes to sporting contests between India and Australia. Actually, they started their relationship discussing the rivalry between India and Australia. “We will have separate moments,” said Rose while Dipen revealed he will go out of his way to convince their children to become Indian fans.

We’d love to be the fly on the wall to see that.

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