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DHARMASTHALA: Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala Rural Development Project B C Trust under the guidance of Shraddha Amith, daughter of D Veerendra Heggade, dharmadhikari, Sri Kshetra Dharmasthala on Tuesday started a YouTube channel for dissemination of information. The trust apart from economic empowerment of its members also strives for their socio-cultural and individual development by providing them information from various sources.
The Trust that is already publishing

Niranthara Pragathi,

a monthly in this regard, conducts conventions for women, seminars, lecture demonstrations and other activities to disseminate information through experienced resource persons. Through

Jnana Vikasa

programme, women can source information that helps them in their daily lives through the central committee and YouTube channel is an extension of all these various outreach programmes.
With the internet teeming with information on various subjects, the YouTube channel will filter information that is most relevant to women and make the content available to them. Resource material available with various institutions run by SDM Educational Society too will be made available to the members through the channel. Topics such as counselling, mental growth of children and other topics relevant to women in rural areas is made available.
Channel will also provide tips on personal hygiene and social distancing in times of global pandemic, short videos on yogasana, preparation of organic manure, means to avail benefits of government schemes and those offered by the project, value based stories and adages will be available on this channel. Veerendra Heggade and his wife Hemavathi Heggade launched the channel in the presence of senior officers of SKDRDP BC Trust.


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