Scorched Bengaluru saw 1,200 trash fires between January and April | Bengaluru News – Times of India

BENGALURU: With temperature touching 35 degrees celsius, illegal garbage dumps are going up in flames across the city. Firemen have been attending to at least 40-50 calls a day.
According to fire and emergency services control room data, 1,579 fire calls were made in the city between January 1 and April 8 and at least 1,200 of them involved unscientifically disposed garbage.

Chief fire officer (west), Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services, BN Manjunath said at least 80% of the fire incidents reported in the city are due to unscientifically discarded waste or/and ground fire. Last year, from January to April 8, personnel attended 1,493 fire-related calls.
Manjunath said, “Covid-19 didn’t bring about any change as fire incidents due to summer have been the same. But we had additional work such as spraying disinfectants on roads across the city.”
K Shivakumar, director (technical), Karnataka State Fire and Emergency Services, said most fire incidents reported in the city are ground fires or those ignited due to improper garbage disposal.
A fire station officer in east Bengaluru said there is also scarcity of water and that the issue is being addressed. “We have been fighting fire amid shortage of water. We generally go to nearby water sources like lakes or get into an understanding with industries which have borewells to fill our tanks. However, the department has been very active in taking measures,” the officer added.
“In some cases, BBMP vehicles dump garbage and, in some instances, citizens throw muck on open land. There needs to be some mechanism to prevent this. Even dousing a small fire takes a lot of time,” said another officer.
Apart from fire incidents, these personnel are also deployed for rescue calls. It takes long to detangle birds stuck in kite strings or bring down someone sitting atop buildings, trees or towers or rescue persons stuck in a lift, said an officer.


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