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Dr Rajan Bhonsle

Pronounced as India’s top sexologist, Professor Dr Rajan Bhonsle, MD, is a senior sex therapist and counsellor from Mumbai, practicing for more than 35 years. He is an Hon p LESS

While two most eager and loving partners may want to go ahead and engage into a passionate foreplay followed by intercourse, it is also the ‘place’ and ‘atmosphere’ where they get intimate, that can either heighten or dampen the whole process. What are the essentials that one should look for when it comes to a right place and setting for intimacy.

Privacy: This is of a foremost importance. Any lack of privacy or even a suspicion of breach of privacy can be a spoiler. Small and crowded houses, children sleeping in the same room, no facility to lock the room from inside, rooms created with wooden partition etc are some common issues in many Indian families that hamper privacy.

Comfortable bed: This too plays an important role. Narrow sofas, creaking beds, thin or hard mattresses can take away the fun and frolic, the possible bounce that is possible with soft, spacious and comfortable beds.


Lighting: A very bright light or a complete darkness, both can be dampeners. One is too harsh and can mar the aesthetics of soft romantic interplay, while complete darkness can shut down the possibility of a visual romance between partners. Dim soothing lighting can greatly help to set the mood.

Room temperature: This plays important role. A comfortably ‘cool’ room is most recommended as against warm and/or stuffy room. While coolness can be energising and comfortable to feel, hot and sweaty room can completely spoil the pace and rhythm of love making.

Fragrance: For some this can be quite arousing, while there are some who prefer it without any added aroma. It is always advisable to go for a tested familiar fragrance rather than trying something completely new.

Music in the background: Soft romantic instrumental music in a low volume can help to set the mood. Here too… something known and familiar is recommended as different notes in different tunes have different effect on different moods of different individuals.

Giving due importance to creating right atmosphere is important and can greatly enhance the pleasure of love making.

Warning: One of the biggest spoilers could be watching porn together. Far from setting the mood, in large number of cases, this option is found to create irreversibly damage, difficult to treat complexes, tricky complications and even sexual dysfunctions in men as well as women.



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