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HUBBALLI: The sudden demise of actor Puneeth Rajkumar has prompted people in north Karnataka, especially those in their 40s, to approach doctors and cardiologists for health check-ups.
Some people, despite being active through walking, jogging and other workouts, are undergoing cardiac tests owing to pressure from their family members. ECG, eco and TMT test reports of 95 per cent of them is negative.
According to doctors, Puneeth’s death has created panic among people. Seeing many teenagers queuing up for tests, some doctors are creating awareness against their unfounded fears.
Leela P, a nurse at a private hospital, said many people, despite being fit, are undergoing tests and consulting doctors. “Most of them are aged 40 and above. Teenagers too come here complaining of chest pain, while it is due to muscle catch,” she clarified.
Dr S V Sullad, a medical practitioner from Akshay Colony here, said the development is seen after the actor’s death. “Symptomatically, there is no cardiac issue in many patients. But seeing their anxiety, we refer them to cardiologists who can alley their fears,” he said.
Shankar Nagappa, 45, a private company employee in Dharwad, said he too was forced to undergo ECG by his family. “Though I work out at gyms, jog and cycle around, I heeded my family advise and underwent a test. Everything is normal,” he said.
Dr Jayaraj Sindhur, a general physician from Lingaraj Nagar here, said such a development happens after the death of celebrities. “We are having 8-10 additional patients at labs per day. After tests, we convince them to stay clear of myths. As people have taken his death to their heart, mass anxiety would continue for some more days,” he said.

We have information that the number of people undergoing ECG, echo and other heart-related tests has doubled in north Karnataka. Instead of worrying, people should take the actor’s death as a lesson. Those having a family history of heart attacks should not opt vigorous exercises. They can do moderate exercises which do not strain their heart.
– Dr GB Sattur, cardio-diabetologist and lifestyle expert, Hubballi

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