Priest pees inside Halasuru temple premises, raises stink

Aghast temple authorities promise to build toilets, bathrooms outside the premises

A priest has created a furore by urinating within the temple premises. This act has not only put the spotlight on the priest at the Halasuru Someshwara Temple but also on the sad state of the facilities at the temple premises.

The temple has two toilets, but one is locked and the other one is in a bad condition. And what is more, devotees can in any way not find the toilets as they are constructed in a location that is hidden away.

“It is shocking to see a priest causing nuisance on the temple premises that too near a Ganesh idol installed just 30 feet away from the compound wall. Priests are supposed to be role models for the devotees who visit the temple,’’ says Jagan Kumar, a social activist from Ramamurthy Nagar who visits the Someshwara Temple on a regular basis.

The situation of the toilets at this temple has caused inconvenience to senior citizens and children who visit the Someshwara Temple during festivals and on special occasions. “Hundreds of devotees wait in the queue during festivals on the temple premises to offer pooja to Lord Shiva. Sometimes the wait extends to hours. So the authorities must construct toilets outside the temple premises,’’ said Rajarathnam Naidu, a devotee.


Sri Someshwara Swamy Temple Development Committee president V Govindaraju told Bangalore Mirror that there was no shortage of funds to build the toilets. “Nobody must create any nuisance on the temple premises. We have decided to construct four toilets and two bathrooms outside the temple at an estimated cost of Rs 10 lakh. The work will begin soon,’’ says Govindaraju.


Meanwhile, Sri Someshwara Temple Executive Officer Mohan Kumar said that he had received a complaint against the priest urinating on the temple premises. “I have received the video of that incident. I will issue a notice to the priest in question,” said Kumar.

In the covid era, the devotees also complain that the temple does not have enough facilities for screening people to check their temperature. “There is only one security guard and so it is a daunting task for him to check the temperature of thousands of devotees who visit the temple on special occasions and festivals.

The temple management must also ensure to appoint more security guards to screen the temperature of people visiting the temple and ensure social distancing among the devotees and also to make sure they are wearing face masks,’’ said S Kumar, a resident of Halasuru.

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