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BENGALURU: A 19-year-old woman in her fifth month pregnancy, whose arm was severed following a fall from the first floor of her house in Adoni, Andhra Pradesh, got it replanted in a city hospital recently. She had landed on sharp railings and fractured her legs too, however her foetus remained unscathed.
Gnana Tanuja reached Sparsh hospital, Hosur Road, 362km from her home, in eight hours. She fell at 9.30pm on February 19, she was brought to Bengaluru by early next morning. Doctors conducted an ultra sound scanning and checked the fetal heart rate. Everything was normal about her pregnancy which brought a huge relief to the family.
Her hemoglobin level was just 6 gram per deciliter as against the normal 12.0 to 15.5 grams. Her O negative blood group being not very common, only two units of blood could be arranged at the time of the surgery.
She underwent a seven-hour surgery for replantation of her severed hand that was ferried to Bengaluru in an ice pack. Tanuja was discharged from the hospital on March 8 with both legs in a cast, but she will have to continue with follow-up checkup and start with physiotherapy in sometime.
Tanuja was sitting on the balcony of her house when she felt giddy and had no clue how she fell down. “I was dizzy and my eyes rolled up. When I opened my eyes, I was sitting on the ground and my hand lay severed,” Tanuja told TOI. She was profusely bleeding from the severed limb after she fell on railings.
Her relatives took her along with her severed hand to an orthopaedic doctor in their surroundings who controlled the bleeding and administered the first aid. She was referred to a specialist hand-transplant surgeon in Bengaluru.
Tanuja’s husband Pullela Venu said: “While she had fallen on one side, her hand was lying away from her. That was a very stressful moment.”
Venu, who runs a vegetable nursery, said the compound wall of the building had sharp tailing inserted to prevent monkey menace.
The family members believe that Tanuja had nothing but a miraculous escape. “She had not fallen flat. She was in a sitting position when I saw her. She was conscious but in acute pain and shock,” Venu said.
‘One of the most difficult replantations’

“Arm replantation is one of the most difficult replantations to do successfully. Timing is crucial. If delayed, serious complications can occur including kidney failure, sepsis, hypotension and death,” said Dr N Jithendran, aesthetic, plastic and reconstructive microvascular surgeon, Sparsh hospital.
In the last four years, Dr Jithenran has seen four such cases. Tanuja is the only woman among those who underwent hand replantation. Two were accident cases; another was a cleaner who severed hand while loading garbage to a vehicle.
Tanuja is yet to move her fingers and it may take six months to one year. “She has sensation in the arm. The nerves have to regenerate and it will take time,” said the doctor.

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