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BENGALURU: “Everyone is lapping up a false narrative that is targeted at tarnishing my daughter. I cannot explain what I’m going through as a father,” said Sandalwood star Ragini’s father Col Rakesh Kumar Dwivedi, battling tears while recounting how things have turned topsy-turvy for the family in the past week.
“Police officers barged into the house, searched every nook and corner and found no narcotics, just a small box of organic cigarettes. The allegations against my daughter are not true. The whole episode seems to be a plot; what’s happening to my daughter is unfair,” Rakesh told TOI.

Ever since her name figured in the drugs scandal, the family has been pushed to the edge. “When we first heard about it, we were getting ready to go to the police station. But things got out of hands. Cops barged into our house at 6.30am on September 4 and turned everything upside down,” he said.
Rakesh says his daughter would never get involved in any drug racket as she was a part of the anti-drug campaign launched by the Karnataka government. “I know my daughter, she has always been against it,” said Rakesh, adding, “If my daughter was like someone they’re saying she is, why would the government request her to participate in its social campaigns?”
What hurts most are baseless reports and name-calling by television channels. “They are concocting stories and spoiling my family’s name. I feel sad for my daughter, I only want the best for her. Somebody may be plotting against us. My daughter recently got a call from someone and she was upset about it. We later realised that someone’s ego had been hurt and this drug drama began after that.” He refused to name the person who had called his daughter.
Everyone’s attitude changed after police linked her to the racket. “Many people, including my neighbours, have started distancing themselves from us. They are afraid to take my calls because they fear they may be hounded by police,” Rakesh said. Even the film industry has turned a deaf ear to her pleas.
“During the pandemic, she did everything from providing food to the poor, helping migrant workers, distributing masks and helped the her film fraternity. When technicians were dying of hunger, she stepped in and helped everyone while the rest of the industry was sitting at home wearing masks. Today, nobody is standing by her. Where are they? Isn’t she a part of their industry too?” he asked.
He appealed to police not to malign her with baseless charges. “I’m not against any investigation and if there is enough evidence, I will support them. I don’t want police to concoct charges. Without getting to the truth, they should not sit on judgement like this,” he said.
Rakesh said he has been trying to visit his daughter and talk to her and even give her a pair of fresh clothes, but it has been challenge. “Police are passing the buck before allowing me to meet my child,” he said. Fortunately, cops allowed Ragini’s mother to visit her and provide home-cooked food. “Stop firing bullets from my daughter’s shoulder. A fair trial is what we’re hoping for and things will end peacefully,” he said.


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