People rescue traffic cops from an irate bunch

Men who were creating ruckus on the road assault cops for trying to clear them out

Members of the public and a few commuters had to rescue two traffic policemen from the wrath of a group of four men at Kogilu Cross in Yelahanka, who attacked the cops for trying to restrain them. One of the cops was even hit with an empty gas cylinder.

It was around 6.30 pm and the busy Kogilu Cross junction was bustling with traffic. Head constable Asif Pasha had his hands full as the Supreme Court Chief Justice’s convoy was headed from the IAF to Bengaluru and traffic on that side was restricted. “As one side of the road was getting asphalted, there was two-way traffic movement on the Kogilu flyover which was stopped for the convoy to pass and the traffic was diverted on the service road near the Kogilu cross junction which became a traffic grid lock in no time,” Asif explained. He noticed a ruckus at a distance where a few men were involved in road rage and quarrelling with each other.

Two men had parked their bikes in the middle of the road. A woman commuter approached Asif and told him that the men were pushing each other and one of them fell on her.


If it was not for the public who intervened and helped us, these drunk men would have gone on a rampage ­

–Asif Pasha, Head Constable

Asif walked up to the men and warned them that he would call the law and order police. They abused Asif, who called up the traffic inspector, who sent another head constable Shanta Kumar to the spot.

“Kumar was stuck in the traffic but he took an auto-rickshaw to get there. The men attacked him too. One of the men grabbed an empty gas cylinder from a two-wheeler and hit Kumar with it,” said Asif.

People gathered around by then and cornered the men. “If it was not for the public, these drunk men would have gone on a rampage,” said the constable. The law and order police reached the spot and secured two of the accused. While two of them identified as Clyde and David were arrested there, two others, Jason and Christopher, were arrested later. The Yelahanka police have registered a case.

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