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BENGALURU: The rapid rise in daily Covid infections is not reflecting in the hospitalisation rate yet, as the number of infected persons requiring admission to hospitals is less than 5% of the total active cases.
Experts said the 5% hospitalisation rate during the third wave is not a source of solace because the sheer numbers as the wave peaks are likely to pose a huge challenge to the health infrastructure. On Jan 9 when there were 49,602 infected patients in Karnataka, only 2,162 (or 4.4%) of them were in hospitals and only 53 patients (0.1%) required to be in ICU. This contrasts with the 2nd wave when more patients required hospitalisation and ICU.
On April 7, 2021, in the beginning of the 2nd wave, the state had 49,254 active cases of which 353 (0.7%) were in ICU. According to official data, during the upturn of the cases in the 2nd wave, 30% of the 1,27,762 patients required hospitalisation between April 15 and 22 of 2021.”As of now, the hospitalisation rate is 4%. The situation is better than that of the second wave,” said Dr MK Sudarshan, chairperson, Covid technical advisory committee.
In a video conference on Tuesday by the Union health minister with 126 doctors across the country, the global update on Omicron was discussed. One of the points highlighted was France’s public health authority’s statement that said the risk of hospitalization from Omicron was around 70% lower.
Besides, in his letter dated January 10, Union health secretary Rajesh Bhushan has directed all the states to keep daily watch on the total cases, those under home isolation, in oxygen beds, ICU beds and those on ventilator. His letter said 20-23% of those infected needed hospital care during the second wave. “In the present surge, 5-10 % of the active cases have needed hospitalisation so far. The situation is dynamic and evolving and the need of hospitalisation may also change rapidly,” Bhushan has said.
A senior bureaucrat told TOI one can’t draw categorical comparisons between the two waves. “At present, the hospitalisation number may be lower. Our fear is the cases are going to increase. During the second wave, the active cases across the country was over 4.5 lakh during the peak. Now, it is likely to touch 16 lakh,” the officer said.
The officer said Karnataka will, in some time, witness 1.2 to 1.5 lakh cases a day. “Although the percentage of the hospitalisation is lower, the number of active cases requiring hospital admission in days to come will be a substantial number. With 12,000 to 14,000 daily cases, we are just 10% of where we are headed to. Hence, we have 10 more steps to go,” the officer explained.
The officer said the thumb rule in the second wave in Karnataka was 13-15% required hospitalisation, 5% critical care and 2% ICU and ventilators. “In the third wave, 5-7% would be requiring hospitalisation and 1-2 % in ICU. Once the hospital beds are 70-80% full, there will be panic,” the officer said.
The state health and family welfare department has arranged for nearly 2 lakh beds.

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