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BENGALURU: Huge disruptions on Monday marked Day 3 of the Covid-19 vaccination drive in Bengaluru, with only 158 of the intended 239 sites inoculating beneficiaries.
BBMP officials said glitches in the CoWIN portal on Sunday night hindered registration of Monday’s beneficiaries, resulting in a delay in distributing vaccine vials.
Protocol issued by the central government states a schedule, with a list of beneficiaries, must be uploaded on the CoWIN portal. Only then can vaccine vials be distributed – in this case from Dasappa hospital, off SJP Road, where they are stored.
“Sixteen thousand were to be vaccinated today at 239 sites, but things fell apart while preparing the schedule,” said Manjunatha Prasad, BBMP commissioner. “Uploading the schedule took a while because the entire country was using the portal.”
The delay had a ripple effect. Vaccine doses, which were to reach PHCs a day before the actual vaccination date, arrived only by mid-afternoon at several PHCs. The commissioner himself visited Dasappa hospital to sort things out.
“On the first two days, we added 50 names in less than 20 minutes, but on Sunday it took nearly 20 minutes to add just five names,” a senior BBMP health official said.
While officials in BBMP’s War Room worked till 5am, trying to fix things, they eventually could upload the schedule for only 158 sites.
“We thought of distributing a hard copy of the schedule, but we could not,” said Rajendra Cholan, special commissioner health and IT, BBMP. “The message to distribute the vaccine can only be sent through CoWIN and the delay affected things.”
Besides, some PHCs got the wrong list of beneficiaries. A PHC in RR Nagar got beneficiary details of a PHC in Yeshwantpur. “Because of the wrong schedule, only 23 of the 60 beneficiaries were inoculated,” said a senior medical official from RR Nagar zone.
Asked about the mix up, Prasad said, “This is surprising and we will look into it. Once a schedule is made, a permanent list is prepared. Hospitals cannot have a separate, special list.”

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