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BENGALURU: A non-Covid patient died on Wednesday night after she was allegedly refused a hospital bed, saying it was ‘reserved for emergency Covid cases.’ Gomti, a 58-year-old resident of Kammanahalli, started feeling restless around 9pm on Wednesday. Her family called helplines and hospitals for a bed, but could not find any.
The family got in touch with Hameed Abousheair, a 17-year-old Covid volunteer, and he began calling 108 and 1912 for an ambulance and emergency support only to be told that hospital beds wherever available were all reserved for Covid patients.
Hameed was confused on hearing this.
“First of all, they did not respond for a long time. When they did, I was told this is not an emergency case. Asked what they meant by an emergency, they said Covid cases. When we call them for Covid patients, I am told there are no ICU beds but general ones, but when we call for non-Covid patient, they say the opposite. Who do we trust at the end of the day? They are just washing their hands of every case,” said Hameed.
Hameed was able to arrange for an ambulance and took Gomti and her family to three hospitals in Hebbal and surrounding areas. Finally, when they got a bed in Jayadeva Hospital, it was too late. “She died in the ambulance at 10pm. I have realised that Covid and non-Covid patients are both suffering in this situation. It is not a good time to have health complications,” added Hameed.
The body was taken to Bowring Hosptial, where doctors said the woman had died of heart attack.
Gomti is survived by three sisters and a 17-year-old daughter.

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