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BENGALURU: The Karnataka government, which was celebrating the passage of the tough anti-cow slaughter bill in the assembly, suffered a major embarrassment a day later on Thursday after it didn’t introduce it in the council. The BJP does not have the numbers to counter the combined strength of Congress and JD(S) in the Upper House.
The BJP with 31 members in the 75-member council was banking on the support of JD (S), which has 14 members, to pass the bill. The Congress has 29 members. This is the third contentious bill that has not passed the test in the council.
The house was adjourned sine die without tabling of the Karnataka Prevention of Slaughter and Preservation of Cattle Bill- 2020 after JD(S), facing flak from farmers for backing the BJP in passing the Karnataka Land Reform Bill, backed out from supporting the anti-cow slaughter bill at the last minute.
The JD(S) feared its support would lead to more resentment from farmers considered its major vote bank.
Ordinance against cow slaughter likely
JD(S) had supported the ruling party in passage of the land reforms bill in the council on Tuesday and BJP had expected the same gesture for the anti-cow slaughter bill. Introduction of the bill was part of Thursday’s agenda and animal husbandry minister Prabhu Chauhan came prepared. But, when he got the indication JD(S) may not back the bill, he was forced to beat a hasty retreat.
“We wanted to introduce the bill on Thursday after mustering enough support, since we don’t have enough numbers, but the session got cut short. We’ll introduce the bill in the next session, or will consider promulgating an ordinance in the interim,” said BJP MLC N Ravikumar.
Congress boycotted the assembly on the last day of winter session, to protest BJP’s attempt to get the bill passed in a hurried manner.
Earlier in the day, party insiders said Congress reached out to JD(S) requesting it not to support the bill and reportedly had a pact to force the government to refer it to a joint select committee. “We wanted to urge the government to refer the bill to a house panel as the bill in its present form violates the very spirit of the Constitution as it goes against Article 48. While many high courts have ruled that unproductive animals can be sent to slaughterhouses, the bill gives no clarity about it,” said senior Congress MLC BK Hariprasad.
BJP’s hopes were dashed when former CM HD Kumaraswamy opposed the bill. “The government seems to have forgotten the fact that maintenance of unproductive cattle would result in an unbearable burden on farmers. It is going to be difficult for a farmer when a cow gives birth to a male calf or when it gets old or falls sick” he tweeted.

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