Nightmare on Namma Street: What the hack!

A 35-year-old techie who had gone to drop his friend in Mahadevapura was attacked by a rowdy sheeter with a machete, without any provocation. The techie was sitting inside his car when the man got down from an auto and started questioning him for entering his area without his permission late at night. He then attacked the techie with his machete.

Prajwal (name changed), a software engineer and a resident of South East Bengaluru has filed a complaint with the Mahadevapura police against the accused, Murali who was immediately traced and arrested by the police. Prajwal said that the incident took place during the wee hours of Monday while he was with his two friends and had stopped their car in A Narayanapura. Prajwal told Mirror, “I along with my two friends had gone to a temple in Andhra Pradesh and had returned around 1 am. We first went to drop one of my friends and stopped the car near his house in Mahadevapura. I was sitting in the rear seat and my friend was in the driver’s seat. The friend whose house we were at was removing his bags from the boot of the car when an auto stopped a few feet from our car. A man holding a long machete got down and started walking towards us.

He started questioning who we were and what were we doing in his area. We were shaken and told him the truth; that we had come to drop our friend at his house and that we would leave soon. He asked us to step out of the car and said he wanted to speak to us. When we were wondering what to do, he hit the car with a machete to indicate that he was running out of patience. As we stepped out, he started checking our car and asked us to show him what was in our bags. He checked our bags and told us that his name was Murali, a he was a dangerous rowdy in the area. He said that whatever happens in his area he had to be kept informed. While talking to us, he swung his machete to scare us. I was standing at a distance from him and he struck me on my leg with his machete and asked me to go closer to him.”


The techie sustained injuries on his leg and head after being attacked by a rowdy in Mahadevapura

The three men said that they were intimated and frightened and could not scream or call for help. “My friend told him that he is from the same area and we had come just to drop him and requested him to leave us alone. He brought his machete close to my face, apparently to slash it and then he attacked me on my hand. All of a sudden he raised the machete and slashed my leg. Then I started to run. He chased me and attacked me on my head. By then I was bleeding and in full panic, I ran faster. I stopped on the main road and requested a biker to give me his phone to make a call to the police. My phone was in the car. My friends later told me, that after attacking me, the man got into the auto and left,” he said.

While talking to us, he swung his machete to scare us. I was standing at a distance from him and he struck me on my leg with his machete and asked me to get closer to him

— Techie who was attacked

Prajwal has sustained a deep cut on his head where he got eight stitches. He also sustained several cuts on his face, hands and leg.

A senior police officer said that Murali was immediately traced and arrested. “We booked him under attempt to murder and have sent him to judicial custody. He had earlier attacked a few people after getting drunk. He would assault his mother and sister often and they too had complained to us. We had opened a rowdy sheet against him and had sent him to judicial custody for a similar crime he committed after getting out. He has started his activities again,” he said.

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