Nagaland man beaten, mugged, accused of ‘spreading corona’

A man from Nagaland, who was mugged, beaten up and abused decided to make a video to spread awareness about the incident and what he had to go through. Kewetshute Losou was cycling back home from work at 7 pm on Saturday when two goons attacked him, took around Rs 300 from his pocket, and told him to “go back” as he was “spreading the Coronavirus”.

Though the incident left Losou, 32, shaken, he decided to make the video to alert other persons from North East India to be careful while walking outside on the road in the night.

He has sustained several bruises on his face, arms and back. Losou approached the police on Sunday afternoon to file a complaint.

Losou, a resident of Mahadevapura, had come to the city about four years ago and had been employed in a security agency, till the lockdown cost him his job.

“I was unemployed for almost two months and on Wednesday, I started a job as a security guard near Tin Factory. I used to work with another agency earlier and had to walk for three hours till Old Airport Road during the lockdown as there was no transportation. In mid-April, I quit the job as they were not ready to provide any transportation facilities and I could not walk for three hours in the hot sun. I then applied for jobs as I had no money in hand and had to pay my rent as well. With great difficulty, I had managed to get the job and it had been only three days when the incident happened,” he told BM.


He was near KR Puram Railway station when the two men stopped him. “They asked me for my mobile. When I refused to hand it over, they pushed my cycle, dragged me to the roadside where it was completely dark and began beating me. I could not see their faces as there was no light at all. They kept asking for my mobile and I held on to it and did not let them take it. They abused me and told me that I was spreading the coronavirus. They said ‘you Nepalis are spreading coronavirus and you should go back’. They beat me black and blue and snatched Rs. 330 which was all I had with me,” he said.

He said that he somehow managed to run towards the main road and approached passersby for help. He said, “Many gathered and came to my rescue but the two fled from the spot. I did not have money to go to the hospital and could not even ride the cycle. I pushed my cycle till my house and rested for a day. I do not want anyone like me to go through a similar experience so I decided to make a video of myself explaining the incident to all the North East people and ask them to be alert and not to step out during the night.”

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