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MYSURU: Krishna of Hosalli village in Mysuru taluk took his first Covid-19 shot on Monday, nearly nine months after the vaccination drive was launched countrywide. Hesitant till now, he said he was inspired by a street play organised to spread awareness on the importance of the vaccine. The play was organised by Rural Literary and Health Programme (RLHP), a Mysuru-based NGO.
The 45-year-old Krishna, a tender coconut plucker by profession, was the only one in the family who had not taken the jab. He says he consumes alcohol regularly and feared he may develop health problems if he took the vaccine. On Tuesday though, he was happy that he took the first shot.
Like him, Nagaraj, 38, of Hunaganahalli village, also did not waste time after watching the street play. Several of his friends also got the dose. Nagaraj, a farmer, and his friends Narayan and Kumar are in the habit of drinking regularly and they avoided the vaccine like the plague all these days. Ditto for Mahesh from Nanjangud, who does scaffold work for a living. While his wife and in-laws had taken jab months ago, Mahesh was nervous, fearing health complications.
While those who drink regularly fear they will develop health problems if they take the vaccine, many are now revising their opinion, thanks to a team who go around spreading awareness on the vaccine through street plays. The 10-member team — Ninagaraj, Nandish, Shivaraj, Sonia, Nandini, Ranjitha, Jyothi, Nithish and Supreeth Godson — have successfully convinced many regular drinkers in villages of Mysuru and T Narasipura taluks to take the vaccine.
Supreet said the 20-minute play focuses on hesitant drinkers and senior citizens. “We educate them through the play and tell them that there is no harm in taking the vaccine. We also appeal to them to quit consuming liquor for a few days for the sake of their family members,” Supreet said.
Saraswathi, RLHP director, said: “We work for the welfare of rural and slum residents with a focus on health and education. We distributed food kits to families during the lockdown and spread awareness on Covidappropriate behavior. Now, through street plays, we encourage the hesitant population to take the vaccine. People, especially those who regularly consume alcohol, in most rural areas have misconceptions about the Covid-19 vaccine. We are trying to help them to overcome their fears.”
Dr MS Jayanth, RCH officer, said: “The state health department is leaving no stone unturned to encourage people through media, NGOs, and by conducting special drives.”

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