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BENGALURU: The multi-level car parking (MLCP), coming up at Freedom Park and dogged by delays, is expected to become operational by June, according to BBMP.
Considering Freedom Park is often used for protests, there were several requests to leave the place as it is. “The high court later made it clear that only ground-minus-four basement floors must be constructed and nothing will be allowed to come above the ground level. The design had to be redone, which is another reason for the delay,” a civic body official said.
The project was to be completed by 2017 but got delayed because of multiple reasons, including lack of permission to carry out blasts to negotiate the rocky surface on which construction was to happen.
When work finally began in 2015, they found that after 10 feet of soil, nearly 67,000 cubic metres were only rocks and boulders. Considering there were several buildings in the vicinity, permission for blasting the boulders was denied.
BBMP claims that most of the work, including flooring, plastering and painting, is done and that there are only a few odd jobs left before the MLCP can be operational.
The parking facility is being constructed at a cost of Rs 78 crore and can accommodate 550 cars and 500 two-wheelers. “It will be a paid parking system, calculated on an hourly basis, just like the ones at malls or at the airport,” the BBMP official said.
BBMP is confident of unveiling the facility by May-end.

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