Marathahalli police get diaper active

Rescue abandoned, jaundiced infant; nurse him back to health

While the world was busy celebrating International Women’s Day, a two-day-old infant was abandoned by his parents near a construction site in Marathahalli. The infant, who was found with multiple infections and jaundice, was taken to a private hospital by the police. For over a week, the Marathahalli police have been monitoring the infant’s recovery and the good news is that he is improving under the tender loving care of the cops.

The infant is currently being monitored at Vani Vilas hospital and will soon be handed over to the Child Welfare Committee. It’s something the police personnel who cared for the baby are not looking forward to. The infant was found wrapped in a saree, next to a cluster of bushes near the Someshwara temple in Marathahalli. Police said that on Monday evening, they received a call from the public who informed them that an infant was found crying near the temple.

Police sub-inspector, SV Doddamani said that on receiving the information, the Hoysala staff rushed to the spot. “It was around 8:30 pm. I reached the spot and spoke to the construction workers who had found the infant. It was wrapped in a saree and was crying continuously. It seemed like a day or two old and could have been abandoned when no one was around. It looked very weak and we immediately rushed it to Sakra hospital for treatment. The doctors told us that the baby had multiple infections and jaundice. It was underweight and had to be admitted immediately for further treatment,” he said.


Police said that the baby had been left on an empty plot and was not wrapped properly. One of the women from a nearby construction site wrapped it in an old saree before handing the baby to the cops.

A big team from the Marathahalli police station has been caring for the baby and inspector Ramesh J, sub-inspector SV Doddamani, Head Constable Sahana and Home Guard Kavitha along with Hoysala staff, police constables Prabhu and Murali.

Doddamani said, “Sahana and Kavitha played an important role in caring for the baby. They worked in shifts, took turns to stay with the baby and followed up with doctors.

I, along with the Hoysala staff, would visit him daily and pray for his recovery, besides follow up on updates from the hospital. With all the efforts from doctors, the baby’s health has improved.” Though Marathahalli police are short-staffed, they spared no effort in looking after the infant. “Even if we manage to trace the mother, it is more likely that she will abandon the baby again,” said the police.

Marathahalli police said that the baby has gained 300 gms over the past week. “Once he is completely fine, we will hand him over to the Child Welfare Committee. Till then, we will look after him,” said a senior police officer.

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