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MANGALURU: A major resection of right chest with part of lung, and reconstruction for recurrent chest wall tumour was carried out on a 33-year-old patient suffering from congenital disability, Mafucci syndrome, at the Yenepoya Medical College Hospital.
Dr Jalaluddin Akbar, head of surgical oncology department, said the woman from Kerala was suffering from a disability causing spinal deformity and bone tumours and vascular lesions.
“The patient had undergone six surgeries at Coimbatore, and she developed cancer in June 2019, for which two surgeries were done. She was treated for the cancer at various hospitals in Kerala, Tamil Nadu and Maharashtra. When the tumour recurred, hospitals were not willing to treat further. Hospitals sent her back, as it requires a major challenging surgery, wherein the right half of chest along with part of right lung has to be removed and reconstructed, which may lead to death of the patient,” Dr Akbar said.
On the surgery, he said, “We searched for information on such previous studies that can be followed to treat the woman. However, we could not find any cases. Hence, our hospital tumour board held a discussion and decided to remove the tumour and part of the right lung. Taking up this case was not an easy decision, as the cancer involved the right chest and part of the lung, and was previously treated with surgery and radiation. After a thorough evaluation, she was made to undergo complete removal of tumour, which weighed about 2.5kg, along with nine ribs and part of right lung,about 15%, and later chest wall reconstruction as done with dual mesh and titanium plates, in place of ribs, on August 31. The surgery lasted for more than 13 hours. She is now able to do daily routine activities and is being discharged,” he added.
The team of doctors who performed the surgery included surgical oncologists Dr Rohan Shetty, Dr Amar Rao, Dr Noor Mohammed, neurosurgeon S Pavaman, orthopedic surgeon Dr Abhishek Shetty, anaesthesiologists Dr Tippeswamy, Dr Tejaz Ahamed and oncopathologist Dr Siddhartha Biswas, he said.

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