Mangaluru: Bank manager files complaint over ‘transaction failure’ fraud | Mangaluru News – Times of India

MANGALURU: A nationalised bank manager has filed a complaint against a person for trying to cheat about Rs 2.2 lakh by making a false claim on ATM transaction failure.
According to the State Bank of India, Port Road bank manager the accused has used some tool, so that even though transactions have taken place, and the ATM user got money from the machine, it reportedly showed as ‘transaction failed’. The disputed transaction is produced before the bank online, for transaction reversal. The total amount was around Rs 2.2 lakh.
The bank manager, in his complaint to the city cyber police station, alleged that the accused had used the trick in ATMs installed in Morgans Gate, Mangaladevi, Kottara, Bunts Hostel, Car Street, Lalbagh and Empire Mall. The incident came to light when bank officials carefully checked CCTV footage from each ATM kiosk. The official found that the accused was taking money and inserting a machine or tool into the cash dispenser, in order to make the transaction a failed one.

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