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BENGALURU: Former chief minister and opposition leader Siddaramaiah on Tuesday was critical of the decision to form the Kuruba scheduled tribe campaign committee, to bring the Kurubas under ST reservation, and claimed it to be a creation of the Rashtriya Swayamsevak Sangh (RSS) to divide the community.
Speaking to the media, a irate Siddaramaiah said RSS leaders B L Santosh and Dattatreya Hosabale were “using” BJP RDPR minister K S Eshwarappa to divide the innocent and naive members of the community for their own hidden agenda.
“While I do not believe the campaign itself is wrong, what is the reason behind the RSS backing this campaign committee?Six and half years after I, as the CM, had sent the file to add the community in Kalaburagi, Bidar and Yadgir in the ST list, the BJP Central government has still not added them to the list. So why now? Has the RSS ever favoured reservation? Has it till date accepted the Havanur commission, the Chinnappa Reddy commission, the Veknataswamy commission and the Mandal commission reports on reservation for various sections of society?” asked Siddaramaiah.
Siddaramaiah was vocal over Eshwarappa’s efforts and questioned the BJP leader’s “sudden love” for the community status.
“When the Kaginele mutt was created and when the Udupi Kanaka gopura issue had created furore in the state where was Eshwarappa? Where is his Sangolli Rayanna brigade now? I would urge that no one should use caste and community for personal gains,” said Siddaramaiah.
Considered to be a leader of the AHINDA (Kannada acronym for the backward classes, dalits and minorities) communities Siddaramaiah said it does not matter who is involved in the Kuruba ST campaign committee including his own party leader Revanna but was more important to understand why it has been broached now.
Meanwhile, when sought for a reaction from Eshwarappa over Siddaramaiah’s accusations, the RDPR minister said: “I would not like to react to any statement by Siddaramaiah. The person who brought me to the campaign committee to spearhead it will react to it personally.”
Eshwarappa was hinting at the Kaginele mutt seer, considered as the spiritual leader of the community, will react appropriately.

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