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The woman’s autopsy revealed that she was Covid negative

KOLAR: The all-pervasive second Covid wave hasn’t been able to eliminate the fear and stigma surrounding the disease, particularly in rural areas.
Just about 80km from Bengaluru, the body of a 42-year-old woman who collapsed in front of a shop was carried to hospital in the bucket of an earthmover as fearful villagers refused to lend their vehicle.
Chandrakala, 42, who made a living by working in hotels and doing other small jobs, had arrived in Kurutahalli village of Chintamani taluk late Wednesday night along with her 12-year-old daughter. Both were working as labourers in Chintamani and were returning home as Chandrakala had taken ill a few days ago. They sat in front of a shop to pass the night and in the morning, villagers offered them some food. An exhausted Chandrakala soon lay her head on the girl’s lap and dozed off. Around afternoon, as the child tried to wake her mother, she realised Chandrakala had died.
No one took mother to hospital, says girl
V illagers one dared gathered go near on them hearing . “I don her ’t cries know but what no happened to my mother, she just collapsed. Nobody came forward to take her to the hospital,” the girl said. Police were called and sub-inspector Naresh Naik arrived with his team. They asked villagers to shift the body to Chintamani Hospital for autopsy and left. A scramble began for a vehicle and despite several being available, villagers were not ready to offer theirs to shift the body, fearing Chandrakala had died of Covid.
As the 12-year-old waited by her mother’s body outside the shop, a JCB arrived and soon after, the body was placed in the earthmoving bucket and taken to hospital. During the autopsy, it was found that the woman was not Covid-positive.
Chandrakala had lost her husband a few years ago and was single-handedly raising her daughter and son, aged around 10. The boy was left behind at the village while Chandrakala and her daughter went to work in Chintamani. A few days ago, Chandrakala fell ill and decided to return to Kurutahalli as there was no one to take care of either of them. “It is unfortunate that the body was shifted in a JCB,” SI Naik said, adding steps would be taken to create awareness among villagers.



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