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BENGALURU: Karnataka, among states with a 5 crore plus population, reported the least wastage in Covid vaccination as per Union health ministry data as of 8am April 28. At 0.14%, the state’s wastage is the least when compared to Gujarat, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Madhya Pradesh, Andhra Pradesh, West Bengal, Tamil Nadu, Bihar and Uttar Pradesh.
Officials attributed this to training and efficient scheduling of sessions. “As each session is planned carefully, vaccine administrators are not opening vials that end up with unused doses as there is no open vial policy,” an official said. Both vaccines supplied to states have to be used or discarded within four hours of the vial being opened.

The Union health ministry did away with the open vial policy — as these vaccines do not have Vaccine Vial Monitors (VVMs) — that allows storage and use for a much longer period after the vial is opened. Tamil Nadu had the highest wastage (8.83%), but still under the acceptable limit of 10%.
This is used to determine Wastage Multiplication Factor (WMF), which is used to determine the estimated number of doses needed to be purchased for every beneficiary. The Union health ministry and experts had arrived at a WMF of 1.11 for Covid-19 vaccines.
Give that each beneficiary needs two doses, this is how estimation for procurement is done. If the government, for instance, is procuring doses for 100 people, it first multiplies the number of people by two (given the need for two doses). This number (200) is then multiplied with 1.11 to get the final number of doses required so as to account for wastage. In this case, it would be 222.
After Tamil Nadu, Bihar(4.9%) and Rajasthan, 4.2% had the highest wastage.
The Centre recently said that states with low wastage will be given priority while supplying share of doses for the drive.


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