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HASSAN: A change in the weather caused by heavy rain has led to frequent reports of viral fever and suspected dengue in the district.
Karnataka has seen a spike in dengue cases in the past two months. While it witnessed 2,987 cases till September 15 this year, 2,516 more were recorded till November 17. The 84% increase is due to untimely rain giving rise to mosquito breeding, say doctors.
The state also reported the year’s first dengue deaths, five, on October 21.Of the five patients who died, two were from Ramanagara and one each from Chamarajanagar, Dakshina Kannada and Belagavi. Since the beginning of November, Karnataka has seen 441 new cases. However, there has been no death so far this month
At present 33 cases of dengue have been reported in Hassan district and is less compared to last year at the same time when the recorded cases were 56, DHO Dr KM Sathish said.
However, Dr Suresh, HoD, Medicine Department, Hassan Institute of Medical Sciences (HIMS) said that viral infections were being reported more. He said the unexpected rain, leading to sudden weather change, was the reason behind the outbreak of viral infections.
Dr Suresh said that the NS1 antigen test, Immunoglobulin M (IgM) and the Immunoglobulin G (IgG) tests are the common tests to diagnose dengue. “It is rare to get all these tests reported positive in a single patient. So, if we get NS1 test report as positive and other two tests negative, that case is considered as dengue positive and the patient is provided the treatment. Right now, the dengue confirmation cases are comparatively low compared to those of suspected cases,” he said.
In one case from Malali village near Shantigrama, a family of four tested positive for dengue. Only their NS1 test reported positive. Their platelets were below 10,000. They went through platelet transfusion and are recovering now.
In that family, the husband has dengue, but the wife has dengue and Malaria. She is a case of mixed infection. Mixed infections are also being reported now a days.
One reason could be that the Aedes Aegypti, which mosquito that causes dengue, and Anopheles that causes malaria seek out similar breeding grounds.
In the medicine OPD of HIMS, 150 outpatients visit daily. Of them, nearly 30 are suspected to be suffering from viral fever.More cases have been reported from Arkalgud, Holenarsipur and Hassan taluk, Dr Suresh added.

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