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BENGALURU: Attendance is picking up in classes 6-12, but uniforms are missing in some schools.
Several institutions have decided not to insist on school uniforms for various reasons. Most children have outgrown them after 1.7 years. While some schools feel it is meaningless to ask students to get new ones as they don’t know when campuses will close again, others are giving them time.
“Children have outgrown the uniforms and it looks awkward when they wear them. So, we have asked our PU students not to wear uniforms at all. Our PU attendance is the lowest among all grades — 35%. As students have always disliked wearing uniforms, we do not want to create another hindrance for them to come to class. For lower grades too, we do not insist. But we see a lot of students enthusiastically wearing uniforms,” said BR Suprit, Oxford institutions, Ullal.
D Shashi Kumar, secretary of Association of Primary and Secondary Schools in Karnataka, said: “We recommend our member schools not to insist on uniforms because we don’t know when they will have to close again. Also, getting a service provider on campus and getting uniforms stitched is a long process. We want to focus on academic activities.”
Natesh Kumar, principal, Gurukula International School, said while a majority of their children come in their old uniform, the school does not want to force the others. “Many parents might be in a financial crisis and do not want to overburden them,” he said.
Some schools want to bring back uniforms on campuses. “Uniform is important as it helps avoid discrimination between the rich and poor. While students are coming in their old uniforms, we have asked them to place order. The tailor has said it is difficult to procure raw materials for such a small number of children. If he procures them for some, he may not get the same colour in the next order. So we have decided to wait,” said Girish S A, founder president, Kaveri Vidyakshetra, Singasandra.
“My daughter’s school reopened on Monday and the uniform did not fit her. I had to alter the old one before sending her,” said a mother of a student in Basavanagudi.
Vendors said orders have started coming in, but in smaller numbers than before. “We have our stock from the past, which was ready before the first lockdown,” said Anuj Bhandari, MD, DAC Inc, which is in the business of supplying school uniforms.

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